Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It seems that I've already written this before, so if I have, please excuse the repeat. But I'm in pain. And when I'm in pain, I like to complain.

My back hurts. I went to doctor today and he wouldn't touch it because it was way to much in spasm still, 3 days later. Awesome.

My shoulder is hurting now because it's compensating for my sore back. Yay.

And in baby news, ultrasound #17 showed this baby is going to be trouble. He's no longer head down but transverse. His head is over my left hip, his butt over my right. His knees are bent in the middle of my belly where as he stretches and kicks, I get it in the top of my belly. So he's definitely uncomfortable.

Hrm. What else?

I have to cook dinner for the family right now and I'm just so not in the mood. Actually, I should have already started because I like to eat between 6-6:30p, but here I sit.

Now dinner is done and we've all eaten. What a ghetto dinner I made. I didn't take anything out of the freezer this morning so we had to make due. We had salad, bagel bites, french fries and pears. Screw it though, we all are full and that's all that really matters.

My husband is watching snowboarding on fuel tv and it's bumming me out I can snowboard this winter! Grrrr. I'll go in first trimester but once the baby is out of the protectiveness that is my pelvis, I just can't chance it. I've been snowboarding for 19 years, but I missed a few seasons. One whole season was destroyed when I broke my leg in half on the first day of the season (took a gap jump and didn't quite make it to the other side, slammed into top of jump, snowboard stopped, my body kept going. Something had to give and it was my tib/fib.) Another whole season was out when I was pregnant with Ella. Last season was out due to my broken foot from roller derby. And now this season, but I'll most definitely get out after Karl is born. I want to go now though! Yeah, yeah - boohoo, poor me.


Sarah R said...

Sorry about your back.

And, it's okay to have ghetto dinners once in awhile. We do it too!

Denise said...

I love your dinner! We would have stopped at bagel bites and french fries, so good for you for throwing in the salad and pears. We actually ordered pizza tonight.

I miss winter activities too (I'm a skier, not a snowboarder). I'm guessing I'll be too discombobulated to go this season at all, but next year is a definite. I can't wait until Apple and Banana are old enough to join in! Have you taken your girls?

JamieD said...

I am so sorry about your back, Nancy. I have never had back trouble myself but have a good friend who has. You are in my thoughts and I think you reserve the right to complain as often as you like!

Sarah R said...

Yep, once again--August. Andrew will turn 2 the same month this ons is due. :)

Thanks! It's all so surreal right now. I just dozed off and woke up and was like, "OMG--I'm pregnant!" It almost seems like today has been a dream.

Sarah R said...

Oh, and you'd be proud of me. I called the doctor's office today and ordered my own bloodwork. I told them I want my Progesterone checked just in case it had something to do w/early loss in July. I also informed her that I've been charting since July and have 8-10 day LPs, so I know that CAN be caused by low Progesterone.

They called me back and said my paperwork was in the lab for a Progesterone level check and a quantitative. I stopped by after work. Step 1! :)


Oh, and about "S". Sorry, I just thought it was because I mentioned long AFs. *Giggle* I'm such a dork.

Kymberli said...

We ate pizza. No veggies, not even on the pizza. I wonder if I can count the icing flowers on the cake we gave them for dessert as a vegetable? It works in my world.

I miss winter. Real winters with snow, not these Southern poor excuse for winter winters. Send me a snowball, mmmkay?

Nikki said...

We eat trash all the time too. I even feed my DH cereal for dinner sometimes ;-)

Sorry about your back! Sounds painful - I hope it eases up soon!

jenn said...

That sucks about your back. And your way too active little monkey!
And the snowboarding- but you get very little sympathy from me on that one- you have mountains with snow for many months. I have the poconos... ;o) Not even worth buying another board, we'd have to rent...

-oh & dinner was take out chinese. for the 2nd night this week. blech.

Heather said...

Nancy- So glad to hear the baby is still doing well....though he is going to be uncomfortable unless he turns around!!!! Check out my side bar on my blog under the pics of my some news :)


Mareike said...

Nancy, I'm sorry you are in pain. That sucks.
Maybe Karl just didn't want to stand on his head for a few weeks and will continue his acrobatics and get back in position in time for his debut. If he has to make his entrance in the non-preferred way I'm sure everything will be fine (perhaps there is another tattoo in your future.)
As for your dinner. It sounds fine to me. When my kids were little some of my favorite dinners were pancakes, waffles or (my very favorite)strawberries with biscuits and whipped cream. (This was dinner, not desert.

Jendeis said...

I'm sorry about your back. I'm assuming you're already trying heating pads and tennis balls.

Are you able to lay on your back at all? Not sure how this will work with pregnant belly, but will describe in case it does work.

Lie on back and put pillows at end of butt, propping your legs up. You should look like this (drawing done w/o pregnant belly)


Does that make sense? You want your lower legs parallel to the bed/couch and your upper legs (quads) perpendicular to the bed/couch. This takes pressure off your back.

Hollie said...

Sorry about your back and shoulder. Pregnancy is hard on our backs. I'm sure the kids thought dinner was great. I hope baby boy turns. If not... Snowboarding sounds scary!

Jen said...

U/S #17. Damn! If there was a contest for the most photographed uterus you should definitely enter.

Amanda said...

Ghetto dinners are a necessity at times, that's for sure.

I'm sorry that your back is still giving you such grief. I hope the spasms relax soon!