Friday, November 14, 2008


It's another one of my random posts which I want to blog, but I don't really have a whole subject in mind. Yeah, they kinda suck, but what can I do?

~ I really love tildas. Duh.

~ I spent the day in Denver today. Well, half the day as I didn't drive up until after my OB appointment. My friend, glenn, was in town for some cult meeting (he belongs to one of those self-help class things - you know, the kind where they keep going from class to class, costing thousands and thousands of dollars over the years, yet thinking the class people are putting these classes on for the good of man?) so he came out a day before to hang out with me. It's nice he puts up with me when I call something he totally is 100% behind a cult. ~wink~. But hey, it's like a religion - it gives him something to live by and believe in and it makes him happy, so what's the harm? We ended up going to the Denver Art Museum and I spent my time looking at the modern art exhibits - my personal favorite. Then we went down to meet some of his team members but the restaurant they picked was simply too busy for a group and we went across the street to one of those diner places where I ate a really good burger, fries and a chocolate shake. Mmmm.

~ I'm tired of driving. 1 1/2 hours to the airport, 1 1/2 hours back. 30 minutes to doctor appointment, 30 minutes back. 1 1/2 hours to his hotel, 30 minutes around town, 1 1/2 hours back. 7.5 hours of driving in a 24 hour period and a full tank of gas. Yuck. Plus, I found that I tend to tighten my abdomen when I drive long distances, which tends to make me have more than normal braxton hicks contractions.

~ I'm broke and wondering how we are going to pay for christmas this year. Kinda stresses me out.

~ My OB is the coolest doctor in the world. I had a little of a longer than normal appointment today, just because we were talking about the aspects of the risks we're facing. He just never ever rushes me. He sits down, puts the chart down and looks me in the eyes and ~listens~ to me. He never makes me feel stupid for questions I ask. And sometimes I do ask 'stupid' questions - questions which I ~know~ the answer to, but it calms me to hear him reassure me. I pay for this niceness of course, as he is always running behind because he spends so much time with each patient, but I don't care. I got there at 1045am and wasn't out until 12:15p, but it was 100% worth it. Do you all have doctors like this?

~ Speaking of getting reassurance and explanations ... We talked about the aspect of Karl losing 6 percentile points from 26 to 30 weeks. 1) 34%tile is still totally a good place for him to be. He's right on where he should be right now and as a snapshot in time, he's perfect. 2) Ultrasounds can be notoriously off when it comes to weight/size measurements in utero. He said he's gone in to get babies who are supposed to be 10+ pounds, only to pull out an 8 1/2 pound baby. 3) We won't ~worry~ unless we hit the 20th percentile. And then he won't want to go in and get him unless he gets close to 10%tile. 4) I told him this was the first time I actually have a "feeling" my baby is going to be taken early. Not that I'll go into labor early, but I'll be forced into an early induction - and I feel it'll be weeks early, not simply days. He basically told me I need to stop worrying about something I won't be in control of. What will happen will happen, regardless if I worry or not, so why not just try to enjoy. He didn't dismiss my fears yet he didn't make me feel like I was right to worry.

~ I asked how big my fundus was and I said "fundus" so funny that we both started laughing. (for the record, it's 27cms).

~ My blood pressure was 90/65. Isn't that freaking low? Nurse said it was fine, but I certainly have never seen it like that. I'm usually 120/72. I guess low is better than high, right? (what do you think J?) My weight was inaccurate. 169. But I was wearing boots (it was snowing today), heavy jeans, layers shirt plus wool sweater and I had just eaten and drank a liter of water. I'm going to re-weigh at my next ultrasound for an accurate weight. And come on, I was 161 ~yesterday~.

~ I am starting to swell a bit. I wore cool argyle socks yesterday and when I took off my socks, my skin showed the argyle pattern. Fuck, maybe I do weigh 169.

~ I worked from home yesterday morning and before I left, I texted my husband with "come home for a quickie". And his response? "10 minutes." Sweet! I wasn't really serious when I sent it, but you better believe I waited those 10 minutes. And it was awesome.

~ Hrm. Thinking about it, I want more. I think I'm going to end this list of randomness and go get me some right now. Nope, totally not kidding. (heh. I wrote this last bullet a short 30 minutes ago and I ~so~ just had sex. Awesome.)


Not in the Water said...

I love Tildas too!
I ~always~ address my emails like that. Dear Nancy~ It looks prettier than a colon or comma, right?

Glad you doc didn't rush you out...some docs are nice..others are idiots :)

Have a great weekend....and get some for me...I am not 100% yet and still too tired for it and Big Guy doesn't get that.


Jenera said...

My doc is really cool and won't rush me even though she's always ALWAYS behind. Plus, Aidan goes with me to every appointment and she is great with him and includes him in things. Let's him squirt the goop on the doppler-even let him 'do' the U/S the other day.

My weight has fluctuated that much in a day between appointments. Factor in clothes, whether you're bloated, and even if you have to poop. My doc just looks at a trend over several appointments.

We're not doing christmas, lol. Well not really. We'll get Aidan something and maybe my brother but nope, no one else. They get to live vicariously through me having a new baby, lol.

On the blood pressure, mine has been hovering about 102/60 and I'm told it's good-especially for my weight. Even the day I almost passed out my BP was good.

Oh and the swelling has just kicked in for me the last few days. At least it is in the final weeks, lol.

Jenera said...

Oh and you suck 'cuz you can have quickie sex, lol. If I sent a text like that to my hubby RIGHT NOW, I'd have to wait for him to drive across 3 states and even then I might not be able to have any sex. :(

Cate said...

Your bp was good. The doc I work for worries when it's less than 80/50 in a pregnant woman so you are safe. Mine dipped down too, I'm usually a 100/76 girl and I averaged 92/58 for the whole pregnancy.

Karyn with a Y said...

I like tildas too but every time I use them I feel like I'm copying you! So, I use stars instead.

jenn said...

Glad you have such a great doc- I'm still a little early for all the delivery etc questions so my appointments are always very to the point & quick.

I think that your driving might have had something to do with the swelling yesterday. everytime I wear boots & am out all day I get the sock patterns too. And my blood pressure is ~always~ low, it was 110/60 at my last appointment. But for me- that's actually the higher end of normal!

I agree with your doc- there's nothing else that worry will do for you- it's not like you need it to spur you into action with Karl. He is well looked after & very closely monitored. Yes- taking him early is not what you want & it will suck in it's own ways, but there is absolutely nothing more you can do to control that or give any better chances than you already have/are. It will all be fine, he will be fine & so will you!

I still have to mail something out to you, but I have had my little crisis(es? what's the plural?) to deal with. I swear it will get there before Karl does! ;o)

And I am so jealous everything looks green right now! I've been literally begging for sex for a good 11 weeks now... lucky bitch ;o) <3

margelina said...

Yes, I have a doctor I absolutely love. He's always behind, of course, but he is completely there for each and every patient. Always.
Yay for sex! Quickies are the best!!!

Denise said...

The lack of accuracy on ultrasounds drives me crazy. At our last scan, the sonographer's measurements showed Banana at 3 pounds 1 ounce, exactly the same as 10 days before. So we were all freaked out for a bit. The perinatologist had me shift sides and redid some of the measurements and came up with 3 pounds 10 ounces. Quite a difference. If they had settled for the first measurement, I likely would have ended up back in the hospital for more monitoring.

This is precisely why my OB refused to let me keep our ultrasound appointment for Monday. It can cause more confusion from a medical perspective than benefit. I guess we just have to know that technology isn't perfect yet. Ultrasound is a great tool that wasn't around 40 years ago, but it still has its limitations. Scary to think that medical decisions are made based on imperfect technology, but it is the best available at the moment.

MrsSpock said...

I am totally cracking up about the quickie...

I have no idea what Tildas is.

Amanda said...

That that's what those squigglies are called!

I'm glad you had a good time with your friend. All that driving sounds miserable, though.

I seriously big puffy heart your doctor!!!

I just have to laugh at the imprint for the argyle socks. It's been so long since I've worn socks (thank God I live in a warmer climate). Mr. W does seem to find it entertaining to grab my foot for a minute and leave a hand imprint, though. :-)

Ahhh...quickies. One day I will have those again. Sigh.

areyoukiddingme said...

I have the best doctor - he's always on time('cause they rotate at the hospital, so someone else handles the emergencies!), he has to take notes on whatever the hell I said last time I saw him because he asks follow up questions. He actually read my medical history when I started going to him. He's funny and not at all condescending, and if it weren't for my husband, I'd totally be in love with him! The only problem is that I usually end up in a conversation on some other topic than the one I meant to bring up...

Yes, driving is terrible on the swollen legs. Elevate!

I envy you your quickies, but my husband will be coming home today, so I may get lucky myself...

ssbean said...

Completely unrelated to your post. DH and I watched Baby Mama last night for the first time. I was wondering what your thoughts were and others responses might be to surrogacy. Sounds like an interesting topic and like I said I would love to know your thoughts on it.

Hollie said...

Love your honesty and glad you and DH are enjoying each other. I'm just not feeling it these days. I'm glad your OB spends plenty of time with you and answers your questions. Mine is very good too. Only bad thing is after I ask her about BH contractions, she likes to check me... Oh well, makes me feel better, mentally at least.

I hope Karl keeps growing big and strong and doesn't have to come early.

Nikki said...

I didn't know they were called tildas! :-) I feel knowledgeable now!

My local RE is like that - takes his time, answers all my questions and makes me feel less paranoid than I do all the time. I hope I can eventually get pg, and find an OB with a similar outlook.

Sara said...

Awesome on the bp - I am so used to mine being high that if it were that low I would have to check for a pulse!! LOL!

I have to go google tildas! I think I have missed out on something!

Thank you for your sweet response on my blog. I really am a fun person - just hasn't been coming out much lately!


Nicole said...

Hey Nancy,
This is a totally random comment for your random post! On your old blog you put up a few pictures of the hairbow holder that you got for your girls which I absolutely loved! I've had the website bookmarked ever since and now that I finally have a baby girl I get to buy one! But I have a few questions for you if you don't mind, how is the quality and would you recommend it to anyone?

Jendeis said...

Go you girl! Way to get some! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey don't post this but I just wanted to give you a heads up that there is a vent about you on ttc12+ board now on page 2. I would want to know if it was me.

nancy said...

Anon, I don't think the original one was me, as I never talked about morning sickness.

As for the other comments, if they were talking about ~me~, they must not really know me or understand my situation. I think I've done a good job about never forgetting me if "roots" so to speak.

I appreciate the heads up though :) But I can't help how some people's minds work. To even say that I am any of those horrible things they said? That's crazy.