Sunday, November 2, 2008

Huge Blog Achievement & It's Done!

I am ~so~ very very proud to announce my blog has just passed the 250,000 hits mark since I started collecting statistics on October 30th, 2007. A QUARTER OF A MILLION HITS!! Holy moly people. I can't thank you enough. This is just huge for me. I know I'm no where near as popular as so many other blogs I read out there and I'm definitely not trying to brag that I am, but I am humbled I got to such a number. And it's because of you. So thank you.

I started this blog as a new start from my old blog on July 22nd, 2007. My old blog was exactly like this one, except I had succumbed to the temptation that is bantering back and forth with people leaving anonymous comments. The drama got out of control and as it was once very fun and entertaining to me, the hatred bursting out of the comment's seams got to be saddening to me. People who were so black inside was just too much for me to continue the "conversations" and I finally saw all my witty comebacks and well thought of retorts were falling on deaf ears. So in a fit of exasperation, I deleted it after just hitting my 1 year blogoversary on July 2nd. It took less than 20 days to create my new blog, the one you are reading now.

This blog started when I was on my 10th cycle ttc #3. I was only 5 days past my first uterine surgery (lap & hysteroscopy). I had just failed my first "real" treatment cycle, my very first IUI. I had quite a few medicated cycles under my belt, but this was the first treatment. Since then, you've been with me through 3 more surgeries. 3 more failed IUIs. A failed mock IUI. A "failed" IVF because ET was cancelled due to lining, but ER was more than successful. An up and down roller coater ride to FET. BFNs from said FET. A little breakdown and a decision to go to IVF#2 immediately. A late BFP. A low beta of only 15 on 11dp3dt. A doubling beta. A pregnancy which I was told to expect to be non-viable. A pregnancy which I was told was "most likely ectopic". A sac in my uterus. A heartbeat. A normal NT test. An abnormal first trimester screen. A CVS. A breakdown waiting for results. The elation of finding out everything was normal. The discovery it's a boy! The diagnosis of a velamentous cord insertion. Weekly BPPs and NSTs which just saw my 14th ultrasound. The discussions with my doctor which let me know if there are problems, we're about to come into the time frame we'd see them in. Fear. Elation. You've seen it all and I just can't imagine how I would have gotten through each one of these steps without you. Without your comments. Many people may make fun of the 'relationships' women like myself make through the internet. Those people just don't understand. Not at all.

I've been watching the counter slowly creep up in the last few weeks and I was getting so excited for the big quarter of a million milestone. It finally happened tonight. When I looked up when I started collecting the statistics, I was surprised to see it was exactly 1 year and 3 days ago.

For my records ...
Created 1st blog, the orginal life of nancy: July 2, 2006
Deleted 1st blog like a moron, without backing any of it up: July 2007
Created 2nd blog, TheNewLifeOfNancy: July 22, 2007
Started collecting statistics/counter: October 30, 2007
Hit 250,000 hits: November 2, 2008

As for the news of "It's Done!" ... I have been working all day on the nursery and it's done. There are a few things left, but whew, I can relax. It's done enough for me to declare it's done. Yay! I just took a bunch of pictures and I'm going to post them on my other blog in just a few minutes. I'm going to go directly there to work on it, so if you click and it's not there, it will be soon enough. I'll also post it on my picture website on a miscellaneous picture page.


Jenera said...

What a wild ride it's been. I can't believe it's been a year already!

Geohde said...

You have way more hits than me for very good reasons :)



Anonymous said...

Way to Go Nancy! That is some achievement :)


Sara said...

Congrats on your 250,00 hits! Very exciting!
I love the pics of the nursery - great job!! Won't be long before your little one is taking up residence in there!

calliope said...

well done!!
will totally show up at the ticker tape parade in your honor.

Lisa said...

Congrats on the blogging achievement.

The nursery looks awesome! I noticed that you also have one of those aquariums. My boys love them and can easily spend 30 minutes watching it in the morning. Which is great because it gives me an extra half hour to sleep!

Hollie said...

Congrats on your 250,000! I love reading your blog and keeping up with your pregnancy and your funniness!

Morgan said...

I'm just checking in on your blog after the weekend...congrats on the hits! Oh and the funny story was freaking hilarious!! Thanks for sharing!

To A T said...

Congrats on the AMAZING milestone!!
I <3 your blog! :)

Jewels said...

That's awsome on your hits, I dont know how you do it - but I know you've earned it and deserve it.

ssbean said...

Congrats on so many hits. Most days you bring up very good thought provoking questions. Not only do we get to share our views but we get to read so many other peoples. You have an awesome blog going!!

Topcat said...

Why do I reckon you get 250,000 hits?

1) Beause you're so real
2) You dare to say stuff other people wouldn't dream of
3) When you are stumped for a post .... you ask your readers what BODY PART would they eat if they were a cannibal. Wtf?! Who does that shit?
4) You have the coolest tattoo, so people KNOW you mean business
5) You're just an all-round cool chick


nancy said...

Topcat's comment has got to be one of my fuzziest comments ever. ~swoon~.

Jen said...

Way to go on 250,000 hits. That sure is a lot.
I love the nursery. So cute, he will be here before you know it. Can't wait to see pics of him too.

chicklet said...

Holy shit, that's a lot of hits. Congrats!!!

Nikki said...

That IS huge! Congrats!

Oh - and congrats on the nursery too! ;-)

Io said...

Holy crap you are popular! Whoot!

Mrslady1975 said...

OMG! Congrats on all the hits (250,000!!!) and finishing the nursery. I can't believe Karl will be here soon. PS: I heart your blog!

Wordgirl said...

No kidding!

I second Topcat.

You are as real as it gets lady. You're awesome.



JamieD said...

Congratulations, Nancy! Your blog is awesome and the first one I ever read!