Saturday, November 29, 2008

Odds and Ends and Presents (Oh My!)

Bunches and bunches of stuff to say, in no particular order.

~ Upon returning home, we were met with packages galore sitting on our front porch awaiting our arrival. One of the packages caught my eye immediately, as it was from Australia! Oh yes, a package from the (in)famous Miss Topcat herself. First off, I was a little giddy because I think she's one of the cool kids, so getting something from her made me feel like my own coolness quotient rose a little bit. But presents! I was so excited to see what she sent, I ripped into it before I even took my post 2 hour car trip pee. Now ~that~ is what I define as excited.

The package was full of little things for the boy that was once her monkey's. Cute little onesies and jammies and pants and booties and hats. I did, however, cock my head to the side in wonder of a few items...

I don't know about how things are down under, but pink is definitely a ~girl~ color. But these little pants are for boys. The solid hot pink one screams "girl" to me, but the pink seamed zebra print pants are kinda punk rock in an emo sort of way. I love em though. My husband, on the other hand, is one of those archaic type men who think dressing a boy in pink will "make them" gay, but I don't care. He's wearing them. Well, at least he'll wear the punk ones. ~wink~

This tag made me do a double take. Apparently ~this~ onesie is a "low" on the fire danger scale. Do they make "medium" and "high"? I wonder what they'd look like. Maybe built in firecrackers and sparklers. Maybe even a zippo! How cool would that be?

She could have stopped right there, but instead, there was a wrapped present in there too! The card was awesome and has already been placed in his baby book. And then, the presents. Good lord, each was so fucking awesome and ~so~ ME. Check 'em out for yourself ...

Awesome, eh? Rock Star and Punk. Oh yeah. And then the last one proves we both are still softies and like cute little items too.

But I did save the best for last ...

I laughed my ass off. P.E.R.F.E.C.T. (if anyone remembers, one of karl's possible take-home outfits is a shirt that says "boobies. because i like to suck them.")

So thank you Miss TopCat. Thank you very very much! (email is coming too.)

~ Another package we received was a large box, 6ft x 3ft x 2ft. It actually arrived as we were literally backing out of the driveway on Wednesday, so we were able to open the garage and push it in. Upon opening it today, we found 2 genuine seats from Fenway. They are the red seats which sat at row CC, so 3rd row. We got seats 1 & 2. Do you know how many Red Sox games were watched from these very seats? And they were taken right from Fenway this season, so they've seen 2 world series wins too. The history I feel looking at these seats is amazing. What am I going to do with these seats? Beats me. But owning a little bit of Fenway? Fucking priceless.

~ My dad is doing FANTABULOUS. Check out the timeline: Monday - Stress test shows something abnormal. Tuesday - Angiogram scheduled. Wednesday - Quadruple bypass. Thursday - Doing so well, moved out of ICU after only 24 hours. Friday - Continued to pass all the tests. Saturday - Sent home first thing in the morning. Seriously, he's home less than 72 hours after open heart surgery. Thank you all again for all the well wishes. I can't tell you how much they all meant to me.

~ I updated my new picture on the right sidebar. I'm just not that large at all this time. Hrm.

~ I really, really, really wish Emily would POAS. She's getting herself all riled up without knowing what's really happening. I don't know one way or the other, but at least she wouldn't have to torment herself when there could be a very possible good outcome. (said with nothing but love, of course).

~ I really love orange soda. Sunkist is the best.

~ I have a shitload of laundry to do.

~ Where does the word "shitload" come from? Pretty gross when you think about it.

~ I got a little grouping of fever blisters on my lower lip this weekend. I get them when stressed (in laws for 4 days) and/or when the weather changes. It happens about twice a year and it sucks. Thankfully I had my acyclovir with me (which I already had approved by OB) so I was able to take them when I first felt the twinges in my lip. This means the blisters didn't have a chance to get big and gross, but my lower lip is still red. And my glands under my jawline are swollen and ultra painful. So it still sucks. Just not as much as it could have sucked.

~ We went to a trout hatchery this morning and fed zillions of fish little food pellets. It was creepy watching all these fish jump and writhe all together. And they smelled bad. I kept thinking of how gross it would be to fall in one of those tanks. It's one thing I can cross off my list of anything I'd ever want to do again.

~ I received two awards from the amazing Kymberli!! Thank you Kymberli!!! You rule yourself, you know?

First is the Red Cape Award which she created herself:

Kymberli said of my blog, "No one can unleash "schnarky daggers" like she can." Wow. Now THAT makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! And bravo for using the word 'schnarky' in her description on me.

Second is:

Part of the rules to receiving this award is: "You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions in the post" (There are other rules, but I'm a notorious rule breaker.) so here are mine.

My 5 addictions that keep me going (again, in no particular order):
1. Text messaging. Yup, I'm just like a teenager.
2. Punk Rock. (and all other music on my iPod)
3. Bi-weekly 1 1/2 hour professional massages.
4. Daily grande nonfat black & white mocha, no whip.
5. Blogging. Duh.

~ That's about it for now. I've got to go get all caught up on all my blogs I've missed out in reading over the past few days. I may not be able to comment on everyone, since I have a few hundred blogs to read right now, but you better believe I'll read each and every one. ~Smooches~ to you all!


Lori said...

That Topcat rocks. Awesome stuff!

Hubby is sitting next to me and now he wants some Fenway seats for Christmas.

Trout hatchery sounds no fun, but Kymberli's award is uber-cool.

Geohde said...


My twons have the very same zebro striped bonds leggings!!!

Too cool.

May I also suggest the easy suits? They look wierd, like you'd have to fold the baby in half to get them in, but they're not bad and NO BUTTONS/PRESS STUDS/ZIPS :)



Jen said...

Congrats on the two new awards! You must have hundreds of blog awards by now :) !

emilythehopeless said...

don't worry.. i'm POAS today. i had to wait for the TV guy to be here and he wanted some drama.. well he's surely getting some!

soooo jealous of the fenway seats!!!

jenn said...

Yay for awesome presents! It looks like you have to look outside the us for cool baby boy clothes... ;o)

You do look tiny in the new pic- especially when compared with #1 & 2. You look great though!

I am really happy that your dad is already home- that is so fantastic!!!!

Io said...

Dude, those baby pants are the awesome.
I think the pink could work with the black punk top. And maybe a baby mohawk...

So glad your dad is doing well.

Topcat said...

Oh my God, it is so surreal to see those pics on there. And yes ... the stripy pants with the pink are punk, that's why I sent them. And, last time I checked, those other pants were RED, Nancy, fucks sake. Either I need stronger glasses or you actually NEED glasses, heh.

Glad you like the cute striped onesie. I totally need to see a pic of Karl in it. Shit .... a matter of weeks, now!

Totally cracked me up about the fire danger! We have that on all our clothes down here, so I've never really thought about it.

MWAH xoxoxo

JamieD said...

I think my hubby would agree with yours on the pink/zebra stripped clothes!