Thursday, May 29, 2008

Holy Schnikees.

No idea how to spell "schnikees", but that sounds about as close as I'm going to get.

112 "congrats" from fellow bloggers! Good lord. A lot had to do with NaComLeaveMo (I have to look that up each time), but I'm just going to pretend I actually have 112 friends :). That's okay, right?

So a big huge thank you for all of you who care. That's so awesome.

My updates.

~ Work is kicking my ass. I should be able to poke my head up after an all night release on Saturday night.

~ The next u/s is scheduled for next friday. The big heartbeat check. Ack. I'm nervous. But all I can do is hope that the little peapod is still doingits jobin there.

~ I'm feeling a little queasy today at different times. Jeez, hope it's not m/s already. I usually don't get that until 7w and I'm not even 6w yet. Still super early for symptoms.

~ I went to see Death Cab For Cutie last night at Red Rocks. I was a little disappointed in the band itself, as they didn't put on a show that was any different from listening to their music. Sure, it was good and Red Rocks is an awesome venue, but nothing that stood out. But then again, it was simply DCFC, so what would I really expect?


Juicy said...

A late congrats! And I have no idea how to spell schnikees either, your way seems good. :)

Oh, and yay for being queasy!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Cant wait for the u/s and heartbeat! I'm so happy for you Nancy! Thanks for the updates...FINALLY! Im stalking your blog now! :P

haydensmama(on KC)

Antigone said...

Friday! It seems so far away. I hate having to wait. My next one is Tuesday. I think I'll spend the entire weekend watching the clock.

Lilith Silvermane said...

So jealous!!!!
I would love LOVED to go to that concert!

Glad you are feeling queasy... Hrm.. I've never said that before.

Dreams Come True said...

A late congrats on the BFP and the beautiful u/s pic!!! I'm thrilled for you, and can't wait to hear and see more as your little one grows!

I hope the m/s doesn't get you too badly!


Io said...

I think you probably have at *least* 112 friends.
Good luck next Friday!

Chas said...

Hopefully that ms will hold off at least a couple more weeks, if not longer! Yuck.

Morgan said...

Good to hear from you Nancy! I'm glad things are going good for you...goodluck on the m/s thing...ugh! I feel ya!

Motel Manager said...

Glad to hear the update, and I'm jealous you got to see DCFC, even if the show itself did not overwhelm you.

I am maybe feeling a little queasy today, too (6w). Or maybe I just drank too much (decaf) coffee on a mostly empty stomach.

Good luck waiting for the u/s -- may time pass quickly!

Miss Tori said...

Hey Nancy,

I saw the Candy Snipers on KOAA 5/30 this morning. They had Craig Elliot there interviewing them for the upcoming match this weekend.

Too bad your appointment wasn't on Thursday of next week then we could "bump" into each other.


The Captain's Wife said...

Guess we are all jsut really happy for you :)

And love the fact that you pointed out that you know my other blogger friends are going CRAZY because of it.

Echloe said...

Here is one more congrats from NCLM.

Jewels said...

Yeah, You'll be saying "Schnikees" when you see two heart beats in there :::cheesy grin::::

Sassy said...

Congrats. I hope your ultrasound comes along quickly.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congratulations!

Although I can't help wondering if your doctors scared you unnecessarily. How would an embryo implanted in your uterus get out of there? Take a cab? Have a leisurely stroll back up the fallopian tubes and into the abdominal cavity? Silly doctors and their numbers.

On the positive side, your blog has helped me renew MY hope...I just got a BFN 9dp3dt and felt like things were done for me. It was such a relief to see your BFP one day after your "day of despair" at 10dp3dt!

Portia P said...

I'm here via nacomleavmo.

Many congrats on your sack and good luck for the h/b.

A friend who's had 4 babies said her m/s got worse each time she had a baby. Sorry to be such a bad guest on my first visit. The flip side is that m/s is a good sign.

Hope the scan goes well.

Denise said...

Hoping this week goes by as quickly as possible for you. Sorry m/s is showing up a bit early this time. I feel for ya!

Momma Mary said...

I started getting my m/s at 6wks.. just a bit, at random times... then it blossomed. :) <-- can you sense the sarcasm?

Hopefully you'll get just enough to ease your fears, but not too much to keep you from enjoying it!

Here from NCLM

smartypants said...

Sorry Death Cab wasn't great...I saw them recently and loved them. Hopefully they were having an off night. Good luck with the U/S!
(here from NCLM)

Chris said...

I hope you have been able to get some rest this weekend and are feeling well!