Sunday, May 11, 2008

Same on 6dp3dt

Another stark white test.

And hey, I know it's early. These posts aren't "I'm ~so~ bummed out" posts. They are just chronicling the aspect of my poas day by day. For now, I'm cool.

Plus, I've learned with a 3dt, especially from FET, it can take up to 2 days longer to get a result than a 5dt.

So I'm okay with negatives for a few more days. But that 8dp3dt/9dp3dt will suck assholes.

okay, so I admit it, I'm not really ~okay~ with seeing these negatives. But like I've always said, this is the way I like to do it. Test early and often. That way, a little hope is taken out of your heart, a little bit, day by day, so when that real BFN is staring you in the face, it's just not as hard. For me, a bunch of 'little' BFNs is better than one 'big' BFN.


Denise said...

Here's hoping that second line shows up this week. Happy Mother's Day.

Maryanne said...

Here's to hoping those lines appear soon!

tobacco brunette said...

My testing approach is exactly the same as yours. I agree that a bfn at 6 days for a 3dt is still quite early so i'm still hoping strong for a second line. Hang in there!

Duck said...

hoping for that second line soon.

Anonymous said...

It's too early!!! I think 8/9 may even be a little early. I think that's why your RE is waiting till Friday to test you.

Heather said...

I'm currently 6dp3dt and getting a BFN too, so it encouraged me to see this (and to see that you have a healthy baby boy from this transfer!). This 2ww is killer!!!