Friday, May 9, 2008

When can I start my POAS fest?

I don't know the timing involved with POAS after FET (or IVF for that matter), so I need your help.

When is the earliest I could get early BFPs?

I am a poas-addict, so I will start poas soon regardless of any of these answers. What this question is actual for is to know the ~when~ the earliest of BFPs can happen past 3dt.

With IUIs and "natural" cycles, I know a BFP can happen as early as 9dpo, but it's not common to see them. I know that 10dpo is more common and I know that most pregnant women who actually know the specific day of ovulation will get a BFP on 11dpo. I know that I trust a 12dpo BFN at an 85% accuracy rate. I know a 13dpo BFN can be trusted 95%. I trust a 14dpo BFN 99%, even with the lack of AF.

But I know nothing about FETs and IVFs and 3dts and 5dts. I don't know when the earliest people have gotten BFPs nor the percentages of their accuracy.

Can anyone help me out? Please comment on all the information you know. I have also put in an easy to click poll, for those who don't like commenting. Thanks!


Anonymous said...


I had a BFN on FRER at 7dp5dt. BFP at 8dp5dt. 1st beta at 9dp5dt = 80ish, 2nd beta 11dp5dt = a little more than doubled. 1st us @ 6w (4w past ET) = good, 2nd us @ 8w = good (heartbeat). But 10 w us Monday = no heartbeat.

So take my equivalent of 12dpo BFN but equivalent of 13dpo BFP with a grain of salt. Everything looked good until Monday.

Best of luck.

Topcat said...

Hi Nancy, I POASed every day then
got a BFP at 8dp2dt.

Wishing you heaps of luck xox

Melanie said...

After my FET, the first day I tested was 8dp5dt, which was very positive. Alas, it wasn't meant to be for long, but like anonymous, I think you have a good shot of knowing something by 12 or 13 dpo.

Chas said...

I guess I'm a glutton for suspense, b/c I never POASed at all. I always waited for my beta. BUT, I talked to a woman who'd had a FET at my clinic, and she says she got a BFP at 5 days post transfer...but I'm not sure if hers were 3dt or 5dt. AND, she was pregnant with triplets, so that might have accounted for the early positive. Sooo...if you can take BFNs and not worry about them, then start whenever you like; I was always too scared.

Duck said...

Sorry Nancy, I'm in the same boat as you, but, I think pee sticks are evil, and are to be avoided at all costs. I hope you get those double lines first try!

Denise said...

I have no idea. I didn't start until 7dp5dt (equivalent of 12dpo) and got BFP the first stick. I have a feeling there would have been a faint line the day before or maybe even two days before. It really depends on when those embies implant and start producing HCG and I think it can be different for everyone. I wonder if they might implant later after having been thawed for an FET? Again, I have no idea, just speculating.

Spicy Sister said...

I have no idea, since I have a phobia of pee sticks during the 2ww....BUT I would generally consider how long the embryos have been growing since fertilization (not counting frozen time obviously) as the days past ovulation and then go from there. So I would lean towards a 9p3dt. If that helps at all?

Wishing you so much luck and hoping this is it for you!!!!!!!! :)

tobacco brunette said...

I'm the same way with POAS. For my FET I started at 4dp5dt and got a negative, same thing at 5dp5dt, but then I got a my first, very faint positive at 6days. Had my beta at 9 days, I think.

Good luck!!!!

jenn said...

I of course can not give any opinion- I just wanted to say good luck on your upcoming POAS fest!

joyous melancholy said...

I never got a BFP after my IUI until after my beta results came in at 13DPIUI. My first BFP on a stick came two days later.

Cat said...

Just apply the same rules as days past ovulation.

5dp5dt is same as 10dpo.
7dp5dt is same as 12dpo
5dp3dt is same as 8dpo and so one.

The earliest I tested positive was 10dpo. They say with IVF and FET, because it can take up to 3 days for the embies to actually implant, it may take an extra couple days. I have also read that beta levels are lower initially for the same reason.

The Rebound Girl said...

I trust 12 dpiui myself.