Friday, May 9, 2008

Just call me Lumpy.

(heh. The word "lumpy" now reminds me immediately of Miss JJ.)

My injections have not bothered me at all. After getting over the fright of the ~first~ injection, I was fine. I did all of my injections through IVF and now for my FET.

~ The lupron injects were easy. I wish all injections were belly injects. I did itch a tad bit for a few minutes on the random injection.
~ The follistim never lived up to the name of "folli-sting" for me. I only did 175 units, so maybe that was why.
~ Menopur was the big scary IM injection, but if you remember, I said it was like my ass (okay, outer quadrant of hip) was made of butter. The injection went easy each time.
~ The delestrogen was my first introduction to medication based in oil, but the amount I had to inject was so teeny, I couldn't even feel it. I started with .05ml and worked my way up to .15ml.

No bruising. No anything. Maybe a little sore from the IM shots, but barely anything.

And then there is PIO.

~ PIO is evil. It's thick. And it's a lot (1.5ml). It makes the injection site completely sore the entire next day. Enough that sitting down hurts. It feels better 48 hours later though, so by the time I have to inject the same side, it's okay. The lump from the injection can be rubbed right out.

And then there was last night's injection.

It felt okay going in and then when I went to pull it out, I felt something different. It "pulled" weird. It immediately bled and some oil leaked out. The syringe had some blood in the tip. Looks like I must of nicked a vein or something.

The lump immediately appeared. It was a hard lump. Within 30 minutes, I was feeling the soreness I usually don't feel until the next day. And this morning, it's a horrible purple/black bruise, still in lump form.

So what did I do wrong? Does this just happen on the random injection??


Anonymous said...

Yes, you probably hit a vein. I did that with one of my PIO shots (well, DH actually did it!). The RE said it was a hematoma. I bled like crazy. They said to put heat on for 15 min at a time and massage the area...should go away on its own.

Good luck!

Denise said...

Ouch. Yes, we got the occasional bleeder too and you knew those would always be a bit worse.

Chas said...

I recently ended an almost four month stint of taking PIOs twice a day (one in each hip). I did have a little bruise here and there, but it honestly never really hurt. You might think I'm crazy for even asking, but are you heating your injection site before and after? I used a heating pad on the highest setting for ten minutes before and after, and it worked wonders. With my first IVF a few years ago, I had lumps like crazy...the past three rounds...much, much better.

nancy said...

No, I'm not doing anything to the injection site before the injection.

I was actually thinking of splitting up the injections into 2 - .75ml each.

Duck said...

Yuck, sorry Nancy I never got as far as the pio bit, so I have no advice, but, that sounded awful!

JJ said...

Ohhh ow...I suggest if you can-to ice the area before hand. That helps my rump resist the pain. But like Chas said, heat works too. Sorry for the lumpy bumpies!

Miss Tori said...


I have no experience of course with the PIO, but I saw one of the videos in the IVF Shoot 'Em Up blog that showed one lady warming the PIO shot first with her heating pad, she actually used a smaller guage needle, gave them to herself, and she said she didn't have any problems with it. Maybe try warming the shot first?

Ouch is all I can say, as I did have one of my Repronex shots do the exact same thing. Freaked both DH & I out.


Jason & Lori Hoag said...

Nancy--i'd put the PIO vial in my bra for about 15 min before each shot and that REALLY helped it go in better. Also, ice down your hip before the shot. It probably won't help the "hitting a vein" problem, but will help you inject quicker and be less painful.

nancy said...

What's ironic is this was the ONE time I actually took the time to warm up the oil before my injection.

Jen said...

Seriously, my ass leaked everytime my husband gave me one of the shots. Oil and blood. You think it'd be big enough to handle a little PIO.

I don't have any great trick. I am all about suppositories. :)

kjames106 said...

I have an encouraging story for you:

Just read the first paragraph about her lining!

Cool, can't wait to hear news!

nancy said...

kjames - yes, FreezerBuns is a good friend of mine! :) Thanks!