Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The days are going to get crazy for a few, so in case I don't get to any blogging of substance soon, a quick list of stuff.

~ Go Phillies! (heh. I really don't care about the phillies. As long as Tampa Bay does ~not~ win.)

~ Thanks for all the "that sucks!" comments about getting money stolen. It's not that huge of a deal actually, as we were able to stop it in time, but I do appreciate the comments.

~ I went to PBK (pottery barn kids) tonight to buy a baby shower gift for this weekend. I went in with the idea of buying a simple blanket and left after spending $400. But, I got quite a bit!
- One of the area rugs I've been coveting was on clearance. I bought this one, but was also eyeing this one. The one I bought was originally $299 and I got it for $170. So the price is what won the war.
- I got some pretty cool matching curtains. I decided on the solid orange, as it'll go with the bedding I already have and the baby blue paint on the walls.
- Good lord. What else did I buy? I got a changing pad cover, a few little toys that are for a boy (all my baby toys are pretty much for girls. go figure.), halloween decor and some odds/ends for the girls for being so good.
- I think PBK should really stand for "people buy Kompulsively_here" (yeah, yeah, so it doesn't fit) but PBK is the freaking cutest kid store on the face of the planet. But all so damned expensive. Yet the kids' rooms I have decorated are right out of a catalog picture. Oy.

~ The new carpet will be laid this coming Tuesday! I rented a large storage unit today just so we can move things in/out easily. Hopefully hubby will do it all this weekend while I'm away. What this all means though is I will have a completed nursery within a week or two! I haven't started it due to getting new carpet, but as soon as that's done, it's ~on~! And I think I actually have everything already. Wait, no. I need a new curtain rod.

~ I fly to Phoenix again on Friday for my BFF's reception party. Yay! Due to ICLW, I'll try to have some scheduled blog posts ready for daily posting. Nope, you won't get away from my incessant babbling while I'm away.

~ U/S went fine this morning, yet it was super long. Karl didn't want to do a practice breath for almost 30 minutes and then when on the heart monitor, he didn't want to do any moving. I usually go in after lunch, but today was 1st thing in the morning. Little boy slept the entire time.

~ I want to give (and ask you for some) really good vibes to my friend Laurel. She's going through a really hard time right now and could definitely use some virtual hugs.

~ Although I submitted it for LFCA and it was posted today, huge congrats to gretchen for a BFP on her 5th and final IVF cycle. I'm nothing but ~thrilled~ for her.

~ Thanks to Tori for thinking of me for an invite to a local scrapbooking convention. I freaking laughed out loud. (see my schnarky post a few below for how I really feel about it!)

~ Due to ICLW, I am doing my best to be an Iron Commentor again, so forgive all my regular blogs for any lack of commenting, as I've got 100 other blogs to read/comment around my vacation this weekend!

~ I'm sure no one has really gotten this far, so I bet I could say anything right now. I ate dinosaur for dinner tonight.

Ack. It's 12:14am now and I have to get to bed. Goodnight everyone!


Amy said...

Sorry about the whole being robbed thing. Glad you caught it in time. About a month ago someone hacked into my husband's paypal account. He caught it in time thankfully. But then they did it again the very next week. Ugh!

Your foot picture is fantastic. Here's my feet on my honeymoon. :)
(The tape is because I broke my toe the morning of my wedding. Go figure.)

Dawn's Recipes / The Baby Blog said...

You did NOT eat dinosaur...LOL! Enjoy your trip!

The Captain's Wife said...

Does Dinosaur tase like aligator?

Sara said...

Did you have ketchup with the dinosaur? ;)

Have a great time in Phoenix...

jenn said...

I will have to come back & check out all the links- I'm running late for work this morning... but I am sure they are all adorable- PBK is evil in that way!
My carpet gets delivered next week- I'm trying to get all my crap out of the room so we can put it down & have our nice clean slate for the nursery.

was the dinosaur dark meat or white? ;o)

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you got scammed out of money! That really does suck cos of the major inconvenience factor...

Glad that Karl is still doing well :)

Go Iron Commentor Go!!!

Wordgirl said...

Yum, Dinosaur, my favorite.

Oh -- I had hoped you were traveling to the twin cities!!!


Glad the ultrasound went well,



Jendeis said...

Love PBK - love all the stuff you got.

BethH6703 said...

mmmmmmmmm dinosaur!

Io said...

Have you tried the pterodactyl? I hear it's *delicious*

Heh. I love your sense of style. Please post pictures of the finished room when you're done!

Kick ass purse btw.

Sarah R said...

I LOVE the rug and matching curtains! I can pretty much visualize how the nursery will look now. My hubby is a big fan of wool rugs too, so we have one (TJ Maxx). We do not have a Pottery Barn anywhere near hear! I'll have to check Rochester the next time I'm there--that's only an hour away.

Also, I made it all the way through. Dinosaur for supper, eh? :)

Will someone please tell me what ICLW means? I feel like an idiot here.

Sarah R said...

correct error above... "here" not "hear", OMG...I'm at work with a headahce. Not good!

Kaci said...

Karl's nursery is going to be perfect! I'm sure you'll share some pictures of it all put together, right?

Dinosaur, huh?

g said...

thanks for the shout out!! whats LFCA??

glad your U/s went good!

Have fun in Pheonix! say hi to my DH, hes leaving friday to go there as well for a work thing... r u guys haveing a secret rondevous?? LOLOLOL

LOVE LOVE the nursery decor!!! so cute!!!!!!!


nancy said...

Yeah gretchen, he just talked my ear off at dinner that night and now we are secret lovers. :)

LFCA is the lost and found connections on Mel's page. Here is the one you were in ..

Hollie said...

Mmmm.. dinosaur sounds yummy! Of course we read your whole post silly! I'm glad your appt went well and you had a good time shopping. That sounds really fun.

To A T said...

So does it taste like chicken, like everything else?

Love all the stuff you bought! Can't wait to see it all come together :)

calliope said...

the room sounds like it is going to be the awesome. demanding photo session featuring the room. um. please.

Morgan said...

Try! They are just as cute as PBK but not a expensive and they always have lots of sales!

nancy said...

Morgan, isn't that a clothes place?

KandiB said...

I have promised myself that I will never go into a PBK. Waaaaaaaay too dangerous. I'll just have to do with knock offs from JCP and and pretend :) I bet your nursery will be super cute when it's all done. Good job!

How did you prepare the dinosaur? Grilled? Sauted? Or, my favorite, dino-satay? *ICLW*

Jen said...

Uggh. I am so sorry about you being robbed. That super sucks!

But I too am in love with Pottery Barn and PBK. I think I'm getting baby bedding there too. But not your monkey print. Too much Broncos colors for my hubby's taste!

Morgan said...

Yep you're is just clothes. I just found out about it yesterday because my mom bought the baby the cutest outfits from there..I just assumed that other stuff besides clothes but they dont. nevermind lol.

MrsSpock said...

I love the nursery decor! Tres chic!

Not in the Water said...

I had rhino for lunch....

Miss Tori said...

I'm sure it was tough! (your dinner, that is)