Thursday, October 2, 2008

My body

Just for the hell of it sake ... here is my body in numbers at 23w6d pregnant:

chest: 32"
breasts: 38"
belly: 41"
hips: 38"
thigh: 22"
arm: 12"
weight: 160 lbs.

Fun times.

I have a big appointment in 1.5 hours consisting of an u/s to see mr peapod's growth, NST, BPP and then after all of the testing, my regular 24w OB appointment. I'll update when I get back.


I'm back. What a cool appointment this was. Sure, it was my 10th u/s for this pregnancy (I know!) but he was ~so~ active this time, it was too fun to watch. I kind of felt like we were playing with him.

So the nitty gritty is everything is still measuring right on track for growth. My fluid levels rock. He has a big baby penis (I finally got a picture of the money shot, which of course, I'll be scanning in tonight to show the world.). The only thing he did not pass on the NST is practice breathing. This he is yet to accomplish, but being only 24 weeks, it's totally normal. We're not worried at all.

The BPP was next and we listened to his heart rate for 30 minutes. It ~did~ drop a few times, but only when he was going nutso and kicking like mad. The NP came in and said she thinks because he's still so small, the hb monitor would just lose it. She does not think he was compressing his cord. We'll have to wait and see what next week's result is. Even if he was momentarily compressing his cord, it's just too early to do anything yet, so I'm not stressing about it now.

My 6th OB appointment came next and me and the OB talked about washers and dryers. My weight was 160 pounds (up 2 from 4 weeks ago, 4 lb total gain) and my bp was normal. Fundus measured in at 24mm and I was told I must have read the pregnancy manual because everything is textbook. Too bad I didn't read the TTC manual, eh?

Now I have to get working to make up all my missed time today. I've got lots to do.

p.s. - the baby is head down now, which is why we saw the drastic change. He must have been in mid repositioning when I lost my belly for a day. And I'll post my 24w belly picture tomorrow and I'll aslo scan in the u/s shots from today.


MrsSpock said...

Oh geez- I would love to be 160 pounds again.

Jenera said...

Oh lord I don't even want to THINK about my hips or belly measurements. Ugh. It seems like I sprouted an extra set of hips over the last few months. I mean I've always been big hipped but lord almighty.

Good luck at the doc!

Hollie said...

Sounds like a beautiful pregnant body! Good luck at your appt.

Lisa said...

Sounds like you are having a pretty awesome day! It is always so special and wonderful to have u/s to see the little one. It really isn't any less special the more of them you have. Enjoy it. Soon he will be here and keeping you up at night!

Kaci said...

I just gotta say it - you make me sick! Here I am busting my ass to lose weight & you are pregnant and still smaller than me! BAHAHA! I think your belly & weight are the only things higher than mine. You must be tall.

Glad you had a cool appointment and that he's doing perfect. It's fun to see the baby a lot.

Haasiegirl said...

nancy, come over to momdot so i can see you sometimes!


jenn said...

Ha- I'm only 8 pounds less than you - but I think I am a good 4" shorter! How freak that you could see Karl's turn. Glad it was such an awesome appointment!

Amanda said...

Congratulations on a good appointment!

And of course, you look absolutely fabulous, we've seen this! ;-)

160 lbs? That's where I started out at. Hahaha