Monday, October 6, 2008

Let's get it going on a Monday

Let's see. It's a monday and from what I've been seeing around in blogland by a quick preview in my google reader, it's not a very good monday for some. So instead of me just adding to anyone else's bad day and just blab on and on about baby crap, let me delve into something completely off topic.

Let me pose a hypothetical situation and then ask a question.

Say you are in some undeveloped country and you are taken in as guests by some native tribe. They throw you a huge party and serve you dinner. As with many countries, it's considered rude to ~not~ eat what they give you.

At dinner, they present you with a plate of food, explaining the dish is made with human meat. No idea where the meat comes from, hell, for all you know it could be from the last guest of theirs who refused to eat. And as the plate is placed in front of you, all eyes are on you to take the first bite, which would allow everyone else to begin.

1. What would you do?

Now let's say you would at least take a bite of human meat. But instead of being presented with an already made plate, they asked you what piece of a human you would eat.

2. What piece of meat would you choose?


nancy said...

I'll get it out of the way and answer first.

1. I would take a bite. I would try not to eat any more of it, but I would, in fact, take that first bite.

2. This is just a silly question, as I was first asked this myself many years ago. Thinking about it, I would choose a slice of forearm. I would assume it's "white" meat and would be comparable to a chicken wing. Not a lot of meat, but tender.

Amanda Shipley said...

hmmm Dh and I were just discussing this the other day ((don't ask why)) and we both decided that yes we would eat human flesh if it was the only thing to do... But as for the particular portion of flesh, I'd have to go with thigh meat/ gluteal muscle.... It's gotta be the closest to roast? Right? LOL! Rump roast!

BethH6703 said...

HOW do you coe up with this stuff?

I - umm - well - I don't have a clue.

I think if I were going to eat it (which, honestly, just he thought makes my stomach turn), I like your forearm idea. Also? Someone can live without thir forearm.

Now I'm REALLY considering limiting my international travel goals. Ick!

Kaci said...

Well fuck - I just had a comment all typed up and navigated away accidentally! I was coming here to post about knitting and read your latest. When we went to Fiji we actually ate at The Cannibal Cafe, whose slogan was "we'd love to have you for dinner" - how funny is that? We took our picture in front of their sign - cheeseballs!

I'd eat the meat, just to be polite and hopefully avoid being their next meal. I don't want to think about what part, but I usually go for a chicken breast, so maybe I'd want breast? That seems kinky.

About knitting, you totally can do it. No reason to be intimidated! If you need videos of stuff, go here. You can also find decent videos on youtube. I'm a yarn whore so if you have yarn questions let me know :) I seriously love yarn.

Hollie said...

I could not do it... I know it would be rude, but I think my gag reflex would kick in and that would be worse. It's kicking in just thinking about it.

BethH6703 said...

and HOLY HELL look at all the typos in my comment!?!

My most sincere apologies for that nonsense!

Now I'll go back to hiding in the corner...

Mareike said...

I'd like to think I would prefer to be the next meal but I honestly can't say that. (preservation of self is a powerful thing.) I guess I'd take a bite of whatever was offered.

Anonymous said...

I think the only time I could do it would be if we were starving - like in that movie Alive. I have eaten some pretty strange things in my day, but I don't think I could take a bite given that I had a choice not to and still live.

If I had to eat flesh because I would die otherwise (as in by starving), I'd probably prefer thigh meat. Not sure why.


Jenera said...

If it was an eat or die situation, I'd eat it. If I had to choose, I'd choose like a thigh or butt cheek or something like that.

Nikki said...

Good off topic discussion! Takes your mind into a COMPLETELY non IF area! :-)

I think I would take that first bite but I have no idea what part I would choose! I'm thinking I'll go with your idea of the forearm.

Now to a confession of a similar kind. (And NO - I have NOT eaten human meat!) We're Hindu, and we don't eat beef. All our friends know that (or so we thought). A few months ago, we were at a friend's house for dinner, and all went great right up to when they brought the dinner out. There was salad, and one big dish of ground meat that was baked with some stuff. I asked the hostess what the dish was, and she told me it was ground beef. I went white, and stole a glance at DH. He spoke to me in Indian and basically said what translates to "Shut up and eat it". So I did. I ate a lot more salad, and drank a LOT of wine, but I ate the beef.

And that's how I know I would take that first bite if someone offered it to me!

Simply AnonyMom said...

OK, If I am just on vacation and know I will be returning to my cruise ship/posh hotel in an hour or two, I might take a small nibble to make it look like I atem but kindly push it to the side of my mouth and remove it later. I would push the food around the plate to make it look like I ate more so as not to be rude.

If I was stranded and no way back to civilization, then yes I would eat and befriend and learn my new customs.

When asked to carve the meat, ummm...I think I would probably go with a slice of calf. I prefer "legs" on chicken and turkey. I also think pork meat from the legs is generally good right? I am not a "white meat" person so I would steer clear of the breast or arms.

I know I could not do brains or heart. I can not do that on any animal though.

Jewels said...

LOL, you crack me up, I love how your mind works.

I would probably close my eyes - find my happy place - and eat as much as my stomach could allow - which is probably one bite. (I'm hesitant in even going to Body World and you eat anything human there)

Which part would I pick?
Probably the buttocks. Only because that's the first thing that comes to mind and It also feels a little more humane to me, people are used to a little ass chewin once in a while, right? =P

Elana Kahn said...

This one's easy for me. Human meat isn't kosher, so I would politely decline and say "thank you, but no thank you, I'm not hungry."

Amanda said...

There's not enough Zofran in the world for me to even really consider this one...ughhhhh

~*JaYmE*~ said...

How do you come up w/this stuff!?!

1. I really don't think I would eat it. I'm not a meat eater for one thing but human... I dont think so. I would probably just have to offend them!

2. If I HAD to take a bite I would have some thigh... I suppose it would maybe be like a chicken legg. Ewwww I cant believe I'm even thinking about this!! Haha.

jenn said...

With all my weird food hang ups I doubt I could take that bite. I would feel bad, I might even want to, but unless I knew for sure that my life was dependent on it- I couldn't do it! (I can't eat red meat & pork is sometimes iffy depending on the cut.)

Now- if my life ~was~ dependent on it I think I would also go with a forearm sliver or maybe a piece of calf or bicep. It couldn't be anything too fatty like an ass because that freaks me out too...

What a fascinating question by the way!

Not in the Water said...

So I had a rough Monday but the "meal" def had a worse day than me.

I think I would take a bite and I agree with you I would go with the arm.

Sara said...

Yes, I would take a bite. I don't want to end up on the plate!

My hubby says he would take the butt. However, I would think that would be too much muscle. So, I am going to say the thigh.

I have no idea why the thigh. What the hell made me say that? LOL

margelina said...

Nope, I wouldn't touch it. Not at all. I'm really weird about what I'm eating, especially any kind of living thing, so probably at the mention og human meat, I'd vomit. No joke.

Anonymous said...

OMG girl you are so funny! I cant stop laughing. So I would take a bite, well more like pretend to. I would put it in my mouth and then fake a coughing episode and spit it in my napkin. We all know its polite to use a napkin if we are coughing or sneezing hahaha Im not sure what I would eat. Like alot of the other girls it makes me sick even thinking about it. Now it would be a diff story if they just served it and didnt tell me what it was I was eating. Then Im sure it would taste like chicken haha

Morgan said...

Ewww..hmm..well.. I think I'd take the first bite and hold my breathe and swallow if I didn't like it haha...and I agree with you on the forearm, whatever part is white meat! So..let's get it going on a Tuesday now ;)

tammy said...

Well, I have heard that the sweetest meat there is but I wouldn't know if that is a true fact or not. :o)

I would probably take the first bite but then fill up on the veggies and crap.

I would probably go for a good "rump roast" area, since I love a good roast.

If it was a matter of survival, I would eat like everyone else. That is what the Donnor Party did.

Jennie said...

Funny that you ask this question because I just posed the same "what kind of human meat would you eat" question to my fiance on our last road trip. I decided that I would like a piece of ass, if you will. Not a fatty ass and not a skinny ass, but maybe kind of a would be a fatty butt if they didn't work out. I would like it cooked in the roasting pan with potatoes and carrots. I imagine it might be tasty. or maybe I just think too much, because my fiance thinks that I might need some mental help. ha ha ha

calliope said...

when I was in Uganda I had to deal with a sort of real version of this often. And the effed up bit is that I am a vegetarian (well I REALLY am when I am in Africa) I would be invited into homes (I was shooting a film) and would be presented a meal and I would have to decline when there was meat present. But almost 90% of the time the response was, "it's not meant. It is dog." or "it is crickets" or the best was when they said it wasn't mean because they found it in the road.

I lost a lot of weight on that trip!

Wordgirl said...


Wow that makes my brain hurt -- is this like ethics class cause I was never good with the -- if you know x person is going to kill ten people and you have a chance to kill them is it morally acceptable...I'm always frozen with indecision.

Now, I did go to a university that had the "Packer" grill after the famous party that was one of those who had to decide whether or not to resort to cannibalism in the wilderness -- and if it came to that I'd like to think I'd be able to survive -- but I fear I wouldn't -- I'd probably be the one they'd eat.

As for this scenario --depending on what I'd know about the culture if I could possibly decline in explaining that it is a social taboo in my country and would put me in a morally untenable position...I'm all about the diplomacy...