Sunday, October 12, 2008

Elective Inductions?

What do you all think about ~non~ medically necessary inductions?

Personally, they piss me off. It pisses me off when women ask for them. It pisses me off when doctors offer them.

I just don't get it. Why the fuck would anyone actually go for this?

I think babies should be the ones to decide when they want to come out. The babies signal the mother's body to respond on their time frame. But more and more, I see this is not how it's working. Women ask for it because they are uncomfortable. Doctors push for it to fit their schedules. Please explain to me why this is now deemed acceptable?

Yes, it gets uncomfortable at the end. But that's the way things are. It's not like "comfortable" was ever promised. Virtually every pregnant woman is uncomfortable in the end. It's kind of what we signed up for. Yet this is somehow becoming a real reason to take a baby out before it was time. Or the doctor you really wanted to deliver isn't on call next week, so let's just induce this week? Are you fucking kidding me?

Look, I agree with all medically necessary inductions. I agree with inducing the over-due. I think I agree with medically scheduled c-sections when it's a second baby after the first one was c-sectioned (I don't really have any experience with this one, but I think this falls in the medically necessary.)

I just don't think I could agree with any other reason. I see some that I'd be on the fence with - like daddy is military and on leave for a certain amount of time and if baby doesn't come by x date, he's going to miss the birth. But even in that example, I don't necessarily agree with an induction if baby is just not ready. Would it be sad if daddy missed it? 100%. But do I agree with the risk of an early baby? Even if baby is "full term"? I just don't.

So tell me. Is there any reason out there that would really change my mind? Or am I destined to think all medically unnecessary inductions boils down to selfishness?


Krista said...

I agree with you. I also cannot believe elective C-sections (without a past history of medically necessary c-sections) have become acceptable in some circles. I too think it is selfish.

Nikki said...

I think I largely agree with you. I agree with medically necessary inductions too, but not the "for convenience" ones. Surprisingly though, sometimes the "convenience" is that of the doctors (I assume they don't want to have to work on a day or time that they could be off otherwise).

I don't know - maybe "Daddy is getting deployed", or "Daddy has only so much leave", or "grandma is ill" or something like that may make me think it may be ok. But even then, only if the baby is completely term and healthy to be out in the world!

Elana Kahn said...

I agree--I think all non-medically necessary inductions/scheduled C-Sections are completely rediculous and can be potential dangerous. Even if they think they're 100% about the due date, they could be wrong and the baby could be early. It's just so not worth the risk.

Anonymous said...

so here's my 2 cents.

both my DS were inductions. DS#1 went to 41w2 days. Yep - he went well past his due date. After 2 NSTs and 3 appoinments in one week i was at 1 cm dialted and having little to no contractions. Around my 38w apt. my OB and i dicussed how long we were willing to go past my due date and decided to give it one extra week - DS didn't come and we induced. it turned out to be a good thing becasue there was merconium in the water so it was good we didn't wait. With this histroy, i told my (new) OB that I went full term and would proabably do so again. fast forward 40 weeks and i was in the same boat - 40 weeks, 1 cm dialted, no contractions. so we induced at 40w2d. Both my inducations were agreed upon by me and my OB, but both were past 40 weeks, so that's why we induced. that was the only reason we induced.

while i'm sure i sound hypocritical, i don't agree with inductions before the 40 week point (elective). nature made it around 40 weeks for a reason. Having said that, i probabaly should have followed my own advice and just "let nautre take it course", but with all the advinaces in medicine, it was to my babys' advantages (for several medical reasons) to finally be induced. but no, i don't agree with "elective" inductions or elective C-sections (emphasis on "elective") before 40 weeks either just for the saek of someone's convience.

let the bullets start flying.


~*JaYmE*~ said...

I agree. I think the baby will come when it's ready. I know a lot of girls that have had them done to fit their or their doctors schedule. I personally don't feel its right plus I hear its much more painful. I think you should do what's best for the baby no matter how uncomforable you may be.

Mel said...

My friend's sister was "tired of being pregnant" and so she had her daughter induced almost a month early. The poor kid was barely 5 lbs and I think had some issues with breathing there at the beginning. I guess she's fine now, but still really little. Why in hell would you do that to your kid? I'm tired of being pregnant, so I'd rather my kid be premature? Bastards.

kgrimm819 said...

My induction will fall into elective.

It is based on my history of labors, and how far I am from the hospital. My last two labors were 2 hours max. My last baby was born in an ambulance.

Do I *have* to have it? No, but it is more of a peace of mind thing for both my Dr and me.

BTW- Finally have a gender it's a boy! Looks like most my predictions were wrong.

Cate said...

Lex was an elective induction due to my doctor leaving town, how large he measured and my having regular strong contractions every 3 minutes for a week prior. I ended up having a c-section so any future children will be c-sections however I wouldn't change the fact I agreed to be induced, I wasn't all that uncomfortable but 9lbs 4oz is a big baby when you aren't that big and if he would have stayed put longer he could have been upwards of 10lbs and I would have had the section anyway.

Sarah R said...

I completely agree with you. In fact, I told my doctor and had it in my birth plan that I was not okay with an induction. I was so scared they'd try to push one on me! I've heard that doctors like working things around their schedules these days, so that's why the change has come in recent years. Now, it's just commonplace for it to happen.

I have always thought that the baby comes when he/she is ready. It's just common sense. It has been proven that babies send a signal when they're ready to be born, and when modern medicine intervenes with that, it just brings up the chance for complications. I'm not saying complications WILL arise, but the chance for them to occur is certainly higher.

Even in my last week of pregnancy, I wasn't complaining (well, I was complaining about people asking me if I had had my baby yet...but that's another topic). I knew when I got pregnant that every moment was a blessing--even the aches and pains (I was lucky to have no swelling; the only thing that I had were nightly charley horses in my calves).

Even after I'd had him, though, I missed being pregnant. So no, I don't know why anyone would want to force the baby out early when it wasn't medically necessary.

hkleineweber said...

I have to agree with you. I was SOOO uncomfortable with my 1st but luckily I have one of those docs that will not induce unless medically necessary. I of course asked about it, but he told me NO!! I am so glad he did, because I would of missed those last few weeks of kicks and punches coming from my little man, which is the best part of pregnancy. With my 2nd I never wanted it to end. I was so happy being PG. We set up my sceduled c-section for the same week he was due. Unfortunatly he decided to come a couple weeks early. While laying on the bed, with extremely painful contractions, he asked if I was ready for this, NO I wasn't ready, I didn't want it to end.
It just pisses me off when people start complaining about being PG. Some women never get the chance to complain which pisses me off even more.

Jess said...

Hey Nancy,

With my first child I was induced at 41 weeks 5 days (according to my doctors. I think I was only around 39 weeks) so according to my doctor it was medically necessary tho I would have loved to keep being pregnant.

With my second I was induced at 39 weeks 6 days (don't know if you consider that early) or 40 weeks 1 day depending on which due date you want to go by, for a couple of reasons. One was because of the possibility of his size. My first was 9lbs 14oz. Add that to the GD and the amount of steroids I was on during my pregnancy (for my asthma) and he had the potential to be HUGE. The second reason was that my husband lived 14 hours away so in order for him to make it in time for the birth induction was the only way.

I am glad I was induced with #2 because after 9 hours of pit. I was still barely feeling my contractions and only dilated to 3. I ended up with an emergency c-section because his hr kept dropping into the 40's (something I would not have known if I had waited to go into labor on my own because I would have still been at home). Come to find out the cord was wrapped very tightly around his neck twice.

Now I get the lovely decision, if we ever have a third child, if I want to wait and finally get to go into labor on my own and have the completly drug free birth I have always wanted or to have everything be completly planned ahead of time with a repeat c-section.

Even tho I know my second wasn't techinacly medically necessry, it still irks the hell out of me when women are being induced up to 3 weeks early just because they want to be.

Ok... Enough rambling from me.

Denise said...

To be honest, if I make it to term, I don't know how I will manage waiting for the babies to decide to come on their own. I've been "uncomfortable" for 6 weeks now and it is quickly turning to pain. Some days are better than others, but those days are becoming fewer and farther between. It often feels like my pelvis is going to break into a million pieces. Maybe you'll think I'm selfish for wanting to be induced, but I will do my best to carry these babies as long as I can and the way I see it, if I'm in that much pain and stress, that alone can't be good for the babies.

I've also been told that as the placenta ages, it becomes less efficient. There may come a time when the doctor decides it is better for the babies to come out rather than stay in the womb with an inefficient placenta. I guess you could say this would be a medical reason for inducing early, but I don't know if you still consider it a medical reason if the baby isn't in obvious distress.

Poltzie said...

While I'm sure there are some good reasons that aren't medical, I can't think of any! I totally don't agree with it either. I had to be induced because my water broke but I didn't go into labour on my own and while i loved my birth, I wish I could have done it without the induction.
Women are much more likely to be have a harder labour, requiring more drugs and often a c-section when induced. Why would anyone want that!

I'll be reading the comments on this one for sure because I'm curious about why anyone would choose induction.

nancy said...

Denise - I was induced due to placental maturity. My doc was worried the placenta would rupture before I would know, ending in a still birth. So yeah, I think it's definitely a "medical" issue. But just being uncomfortable / in pain? Nope, that's something I don't agree with.

VHMPrincess said...

hahaha good topic!

I was 39w4 days w/baby#3.

After chasing the 5 year old and the 14 month old for 9 months, by that time I had it. I was GIGANTIC. Men had started yelling at me at SEVEN MONTHS that I was too huge and going to drop at any minute. AT WORK. TWO MONTHS later, still pregnant. I was GIGANTIC, even though I only added 18 pounds. Not ounce hit anywhere on my body but the baby. People were in amazement everywhere I went. My inlaws were appalled and there are NO WORDS for how uncomfortable I was. I know that pregnancy is supposed to be uncomfortable at the end and I was prepared for that, but this was crazy. CRAZY. It was torture. I couldn't move, I couldn't sit still. I couldn't watch the other children responsibly.

Also, I have quick end-of labors. Baby #1 only took 20 MINUTES to push out. Baby#2 took 10 minutes to push out - though I had to wait at 10 cm for an HOUR FOR THE DR to show up.

They broke my water at 9. My dr went to do a c-section for another patient. At 9:15 I was 10 cm and not in any pain. This labor, the only one where i was induced, was actually easier than the non-induced ones, but only because it was shorter. I pushed for maybe 1 minute once the dr finally showed up.

Oh, and NOT PUSHING when you are 10 cm is worse than being 3 or 4 cm and not having an epidural. It is seriously difficult, but it is possible.
They broke my water at 9.

dahliah said...

Hi there -
I've been reading and enjoying your blog for a long time but have never commented before.
I agree with you for the most part on the early induction issue.
Have you ever thought about women who have had very late term losses, or a woman who has a stillbirth after her due date?
A subsequent pregnancy is extremely difficult, to put it mildly. So, for example, a woman who lost a baby at 39 weeks might feel very strongly about wanting an induction slightly before that point in her next pregnancy because the fear of losing another baby right at the end of a pregnancy is overwhelming.
I'm interested to read what your thoughts might be in that situation, since an induction might not be strictly for medical reasons.
Thanks for the thought-provoking post.

Geohde said...

Ah, well.

Having initially moved my elective cs from 38 weeks to 36 (and nearly to 35) because things were just so vile my OB offered. Repeatedly. I can't throw stones from my lovely glass house...

I will however note that if the woman accepts a slightly greater cs risk for failed inductions that the range of term is 37-42 weeks. That's a pretty wide range. As long as dates are rock solid (the reasons inductions are not done before the last possible moment these days is the flurry of wrong dates causing prem births), I tend to have less issue with it than I might.

But then again, I was carrying multiples and in threatened prem labour from 20 weeks so I felt horrid. It might not be that bad with a singleton...


PS I went into spont labour two days before my revised cs date.....

jenn said...

I personally don't agree with any inductions that aren't medically necessary. I know that my ob practice will do them a few days after your due date if you want. A girlfriend was due on the 4th & induced on the 7th. I found it slightly ridiculous, but thankfully the baby seems fine at a year and a half.
I will be letting them know that unless there is a valid medical reason I'll just be sucking it up & staying pregnant until this little one wants out. (I do feel kind of the same way about elective c-sections, but that's because I've recovered from abdominal surgery once before that was far less invasive & I would never opt to have it again unless I truly had to)

Anonymous said...

I must have an old school OB/GYN/Midwife office because they wouldn't induce me. Finally b/c of high blood pressure at 40+ weeks they induced. I ended up with a c-section because my baby never dropped after pushing for almost 2 hours with a midwife. Now I am planning a scheduled c-section with my 2nd pregnancy unless of course I go in labor before then. They won't let me have a c-section before 39 full weeks (even by 1 day). Where do people find these doctors that will deliver early?? haha

margelina said...

It actually makes me mad when I hear about doctors agreeing to induce before 40 weeks for the convience og the pregnant mom, and especially when you hear about the hollywood stars who get a c-section b/c a vaginal labor is too scary. Um, hello! A C-section is no freaking picnic!
I've had 3 C-sections. Two were after laboring for 15 hours with no progress, my first baby was trying to fit thru my cervix that was only at a 4, so she was molded and cone-headed. Anyway, my doc discovered a flat front-to-back pelvic opening, meaning babies just won't fit, but grudgingly let me try the vbac with #2. So, #3 was a scheduled C-section at 38 weeks. It was part convience to schedule it at 38 weeks, b/c my DD was Jan 2. I never made it to 40 weeks before, I was terrified of going into labor and messing up Christmas for my other 2 kids(mommy guilt at its worst)and I delivered at a Jewish hospital, so on top of the Christmas Holidays, there was Haunaka, so there were alot of days where they did not allow "elective" surgeries to be scheduled. Oh, and with #2 I had low fluid at the end, so doc was concerned about that happening again. he made me get the NST, ultrasound, and bloodwork before he'd do the surgery. being C-section #3 and the fact that my baby was 6 months old when I got KU with this one, I had a uterine window, meaning my Uterus was stretched so thin that you couyld see the baby balled up thru the uterus. Crazy. So...any other babies I have will all have to be at 38 weeks b/c of all of this. And my man was over 8lbs, so no worries there.
Wow, that was a long-woinded way to say I agree with you! Glad you are back...missed you!!

Not in the Water said...

OMG I am 100% with you!! Around here there's some practice that induce at the drop of a hat. My friend was due July 18th...they told her on the 16th that b/c she hadn't had the baby yet they would schedule her induction for July 19th. That same summer (it was last year) my friend was due Aug 1st...she was to go to the hospital at 6 PM 7/31 and get induced over night nice and slow so Doctor could come in the next day and deliver.

Well...she went into Labor on the 31st and they SLOWED IT she didn't have a truly "natural" birth.

Malpractice for OB's is very high by me so I understand docs want to cover their asses...but at what risk to the baby?? Induce during business hours so you can sleep? Then went the mom isn't progressing they rush for a c-section.

Another friend of mine was 8 days late and they said she had til 12 days late b/4 induction/c section. Guess what? Dylan came on after being 9 days late...naturally.

For non IF's especially it's only an EDD what if you're 2 weeks off? And now you're getting induced at what you think is 37 weeks?

It's too dangerous and done way too often here. And my friends forget their voice and don't say NO! I'll wait a few days.

I really could go on...I should write my own post about this!!!

Very sore subject with me!

Anonymous said...

Hello. I've read your blog for quite some time but never commented before.

I agree with you 100% on elective inductions to relieve a woman of being "uncomfortable", but I'm curious if you would find my situation to be medically necessary.

My first pregnancy was text book right down to delivery at 39wks3days. Fast forward, after losing my second pregnancy at 9 weeks, I got pregnant for the third time. At 7 weeks, we discovered that it was twins, but by 8 weeks we knew that we were losing one baby.

Luckily my other baby was still going strong. As the pregnancy progressed I was so terrified of losing him I really didn't enjoy my pregnancy as much as my first.

At twenty weeks we discovered a two vessel umbilical cord, which you may have come across whle researching your own cord issue. That immediately put me in a slightly higher risk group but usually results in a healthy baby with little to no problems. As the pregnancy went on, I received a fetal echocardiogram, growth scans, weekly non-stress tests, and had two pre-term labor scares. At 38 weeks 6 days, my doctor offered me an induction, although I was in increbily uncomfortable by this point, I didn't choose to do it for the pain, but rather for fear of the cord functioning less efficiently and losing the baby.

As it turned out, it was a good thing I got induced as he was compressing his cord too much and his heart rate kept dropping too low. I also ended up with a placental abruption right as he was delivering that was quite scary for me. So, even though I wasn't convinced that it was medically necessary when I agreed and did it more out of fear of losing another baby, in the end it was a blessing in disguise. I'm curious what you think about that situation.

The Captain's Wife said...

I can see requesting to be induced (more like begging) if you are really late, like 2 weeks...but otherwise sorry no go.

I also have an issue with woman that request a C section without ever giving vaginal birth a real try. Or doctors that give the option, would you prefer a V birth or a C section. It should not be an option.

Anonymous said...

I have no experience in this topic, but I agree with you whole-heartedly. Who knows if I'll change my mind in the future. I hope I don't.
I do have a friend who scheduled an elective induction and her little boy had plans of his own and came 3 weeks early!

nancy said...

Dahliah, No, I haven't thought about that type of situation. But I would honestly say I would tend to look at that as a psychological issue, which would fall into a medical issue.

Samantha said...

Well I probably fall into the "selfish" catagory. My due date is Jan 3rd and since I know my ovulation date I know this for sure. I have a 4k deductible and if this baby is born on Jan 1 or after I will have to pay not only the 4k for 2008 but also the 4k for 2009. So a matter of 3 days means paying 4k or 8k. My doctor agreed that IF my body is ready and IF the baby is ready she will induce me at about 39w2d.

It would be impossible for me to come up with another 4k and it would definitely take away from what we can provide for him when he comes. That being said if my OB does not think I or the baby are ready, I would most definitely not do it.

I'm sure I sound completely selfish but I think it would be best for all of us. Unless someone wants to loan me 4k?

nancy said...

Sam, $4k deduct? That's the highest deductible I've ever seen. Shit. That means you'll still have to pay out of pocket for all the doctor appointments for a newborn. And there are a lot. If you ask me, you'll be paying it anyway.

Hollie said...

I agree that inductions shouldn't be elective, only medically necessary (including babies past 40 W). Sometimes determining if the election is "medically necessary" may be difficult, but that is the dr's responbility.

This is completely hypothetical and not real: If I tell my dr that I feel bad and can't breathe well, but he can't find anything wrong and offers induction, then to me that is necessary.

If the dr agrees that induction is best, I will do it, but I don't want it just because I'm uncomfortable or tired of being pregnant.

Jewels said...

Hrm... I'd have to say that while I would hope I don’t feel I would ever need to medically induce my labor before I was due. I have no judgment on other women who do it. It may not be right for me, but I can’t say that its not possible that something could come up that I wouldn’t change my mind.
I can think of a lot more selfish things women do - guess to me it's just one of those things that has never struck me as a big deal.
I'm not saying I agree to it. But it certainly doesn’t piss me off.

Anonymous said...

Nothing gets my blood boiling more than unecessary inductions. I was induced with my first because I was two weeks overdue and would have gone longer if I could. It's total B.S. If no one has seen Business of Being Born go get it NOW.


Samantha said...

Nancy its a high deductible plan where I am able to have a HAS therefore I can save my pre-tax dollars to pay for medical. The only thing it covers before paying off the deductible is for preventitive care, which includes all the newborn visits. It will cover those 100% and I won't have to pay anything. Its a great plan if you have a lot saved in your HAS or if you never go to the doctor... But I just started this job in may so I haven't been able to build it up. Hopefully Cody will just come on his own and I won't even have to worry about it, I would much rather have it that way.

Anonymous said...'s amazing to see how some people are so quick to say "Induction so I don't have to pay such a high deductible, or a deductible for another year"...inductions quite often lead to c-sections, which require a lot more hospital care and thus more $$$. What happens, God Forbid, that baby needs care after the new year that falls under the deductible? This person claims it would be impossible to have that money and wants an induction before it's time, but what if any of them needed hospitialization? Would they have that money then? They wouldn't have a choice, really. So, why is this a valid reason for an induction?

Meredith said...

Well I was induced with my first, and then pretty much induced with my second. However my docs will only induce once you are 39 weeks and are at least 3 cm. On my 38 week appt I was 3 cm so I asked if I could be induced and if so when. My dh had just started a job so he only got a few days off. I was induced on a friday so that he would have the extra 2 days of the weekend. Becuase I was already 3 cm I didn't have a problem with this at all. I figured the baby was proabbly coming soon anyway and a couple days wasnt going to hurt anything. It turned out to be for the best because Tyler was too big and needed to be vacuumed out. he was also a meconium baby.

At my 38w appt with Carter they did an u/s to check his size. He was already measuring 8lbs 9 oz (the same Tyler weighed at birth). They didn't want me to have any bigger than Tyler so I was scheduled to be induced at exactly 39w once again. I was also already 4 cm at this point (they wouldn't do it before then). Three days before the induction I was having the tiniest of cramps. Knowing that I was already 4 cm I went in. I was 6 cm when I went in but not contracting. They couldn't let me go home, so they had to start the pictocin anyway. Knowing my body I think I would have made it to my induction date if I wasn't so nervous about having the baby at home.

I love my docs and the fact that they know my history. I will not change docs eventho there are nicer newer hospitals closer to me now. I love that my doc would rather take the baby a week early then have it have a hard time coming out because of the size. (Carter ened up being 8 11 - if I had waited much longer it probably would have caused problems)

Motel Manager said...

I tend to think inductions are a bad idea because most of my friends who have had them have ended up with c-sections anyway, which is the worst of both worlds (loooooooong labor, then surgery).

That said, I did hear on the radio last week that late babies are at greater risk -- this is the link to the study:

So I don't know if being late would now count as a necessary vs. elective induction, but there's one mitigating factor.

ssbean said...

I so agree with you Nancy. Like you it upsets me to, if it's not a medical reason or way overdue, then why bother. Unfortunately my doctor has told me he wanted to induce me at 39wks. Let me explain, being pre diabetic and high blood pressure before pregnancy, he's pretty sure I will have one or both of those. He doesn't want to push his luck with the extra week. My opinion, and maybe I'm in total denial, but I still think it's possible that I will not have gestational diabetes or pre-e, and later on, I can talk him into letting things happen naturally. What I read it hurts a lot more when you giving birth isn't going to be painful enough, why make it harder and longer. I think women need to be a little more patient...but who knows I may not think that way when I get to the end. But, for now, I agree with you 200%.

Monica Fayth said...

I totally agree! I think scheduling inductions and C-sections for convenience is absolutely ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is anymore unatural than having a doctor make a baby for you and place it inside of you.....your body is not making that decision you and your doctor are, right?

Peeveme said...

I'm with you on this. So with you.

Truck Driver Wife said...

Who in their right mind would agree to be induced?

My first was 43 hours of natural labor. Dear Lord take away the pain. My second one was 5 hours of natural labor (no drugs involved here). My third one was 6 hours of induction. I would gladly take 43 hours of nautral labor over induction any day of the week. Can you say "FAST, HARD, FURIOUS?"

sara said...

Good point - I only agree with inductions when there is a legitimate medical reason for it. Otherwise, I think that we are just asking for trouble. I had to giggle when you said maybe I'd go 41 weeks..wouldn't that be a crazy thing! Then I guess I would be one of those overdue moms needing those inductions, LOL!

Jennifer said...

I agree with you in the case of convenience or just because you are uncomfortable etc. I could maybe see an exception for the Dad's in Military especially in a deployment case.

I can definitely understand for medical reasons including baby's size. My Dr. went to Africa when I was due and the other Dr. I used was laid back and apparently induces as a last resort. He even mentioned CS before induction when I was 3 days (5 based on ovulation) late and she was measuring big. I took the induction option and was scheduled in the morning. I went into labor that night, so it didn't matter.

A cousin of mine lost her baby the week after her due date. I wouldn't want to go too long after my due date because I'd be worried about losing the baby.

I also know someone that had a scheduled cs due to size and previous cs. It was done about 3 weeks early and apparently the dates were wrong because he had lung issues.

Her SIL was due several months later and her baby was breech. Turning the baby 2 weeks before the due date was an option, but with increased risk of CS. She chose to wait and schedule a CS on/around due date. Her baby turned the week before she was due and came natural.

It all depends on each situation.

Kathy said...

I agree with you, I had 1 induction and 1 scheduled induction, one baby came before the day of induction all on her own, but mine were scheduled because of their size... I have almost 9lb babies. and with my second one we never started the induction, she was ready to come... and at 4am no doubt!!! LOL

I would not do it for convience by anymeans.. but if I did go full term they would be 10lb babies adn I would be looking at a c-section.

JamieD said...

I have to agree with you. Besides extraordinary circumstances, I think the baby will tell you when they are done baking.

That is what makes it especially terrible when OB's are the force behind some early inductions. Surely that covered the importance of a 40 week incubation in med school?!?!

Anonymous said...

While I didn't personally want to be induced for any non-medical reason, honestly I don't care what other women do. If someone wants to be induced and her doctor is willing to do it, that is between them. It doesn't bother me. It's just none of my business.

MrsSpock said...

I'm not a fan of induction for just convenience sake. I chose my doc because he only does medically necessary inductions. When I worked OB, we were required for insurance reasons to put down the reason for inductions. They have to be medically necessary for insurance reasons. However, most women would come in, we would ask them the reason, and it would usually be "because my doctor is going out of town", or "because I am done being pregnant", or just plain "I don't know- my doctor wanted to schedule me".

An induction means you will have no choice in being hooked up to a fetal monitor. I ended up induced at 40w 4d because my son stopped moving and had a BPP of 4/10- definitely a necessary one. My hospital had no telemetry monitoring, so my movements were confined to a small space. I don't know how anyone can labor comfortably strapped to a machine. I would never willingly choose to labor that way. There are good reasons for inductions when they are necessary- but it really sucked laboring hooked to a machine and pumped full of Pit. I would consider a previous stillbirth or loss an acceptable reason, as a previous commenter posted. Especially considering I was told my son was lucky to not have been stillborn. It fills me with fear just thinking about it.I can't imagine the emotions of someone who was not so lucky.

I did end up with a c/s- but for reasons unrelated to the induction.

nancy said...

Anon - I wouldn't actually argue with a pregnant woman over her choice. Just this is a place for me to talk about subjects that interest me. I'm definitely pro-choice, even though I may not agree with the choice, I always think it's up to the individual.

nancy said...

Mrs Spock!!! THAT is why I'm always hooked up to monitors? Jeez! I HATED that! I had two drug-free (well, I tried for an epi, but out of the 5 I got, they never "took" for more than 15 minutes) labors, both could be considered inductions.

Induction #1 - This was purely medically driven. It was a thursday and my doc was very worried about my low amniotic fluid level and the fact my placenta was showing severe maturation. I also was on bedrest w/ high blood pressure, but I don't think that was part of the reason to get induced. He said that he was worried my placenta would rupture over the weekend and it would be too late for me to save the baby. I was 39w5d. I started my labor with simply the cervidil and after 9 hours of labor and no dilation, the devil juice was started. I hate pitocin. So no working epidural and 22 hours of hard labor SUCKED. And I couldn't move around due to all the monitors. Never again I said.

"Induction" #2 - I had 3 days of pre-labor. I was contracting every 10 minutes but not progressing. No sleep for 2 full nights more than a few minutes here/there and on my 39w4d appointment, doc said my water was bulging and he'd break it for me. I said I did NOT want to be induced and he said with the state everything was in, I'd go with the water breaking. So I went to hospital but doc gave them the reason of high b/p concerns (which I did have, but not high enough for induction) and he broke my water. I went immediately into labor on my own but since the hospital had me down as pre-e~esque, I was monitored like crazy! Only 6 hours of labor, but not being able to walk or get into tub, etc, really bummed me out. I didn't realize the fact the hospital considered it an induction would have me so full of monitors.

So totally good to know! This time, even if I'm in pre-labor for days, I'm not going to go in the hospital until I'm laboring on my own. I want that "movie" labor experience!

MrsSpock said...


Most hospital protocols require continuous fetal monitoring for any labor enhancing medication- especially Pitocin, because it places increased stress on the baby and you have the risk of tetanic contractions as well. The nurse needs to be able to read the monitoring strip every 15 minutes at minimum. Most hospitals do not have monitors that can be submerged in water- thereby taking away a great source of pain relief. If they can't get a good read (if you are obese, an external monitor may not pick up well, or the baby may be positioned in a way that is hard to read), then internal monitors it is. The corkscrew attachment that goes into baby's scalp (fetal electrode) and internal contraction monitor. The internal contraction monitor requires your water to be broken to use. There is no telemetry monitoring with internals- so you really are hampered as far as movement.

With all this crap on, no wonder women need epidurals. Really- there is no way in hell to be comfortable when laboring like this.

Penny said...

I think I probably had one. I was only a couple of days after my due date. There wasn't anything physically harming me. I was going crazy though. Not the "normal" crazy, but actually very stressed, hard to function depressive, didn't want the baby anymore crazy. Does mental anguish count for "not necessary"?

Still, I regret it. I had asked for it, and the doctor, after interviewing me, had granted it. I won't do it again. Or so I say for now.

Anonymous said...

Well, I would have to say I have been there done that with both ways. I was late by 10 days when my doctor said I needed to get the baby out. He was concerned about my placenta aging too much. So I was induced.

With number two I was getting to be late in the pregnancy and I wasn't dilating or progressing in any way. I could see where this was going. My entire family has a history of going way past dates. So at 39w5d I was induced. When I was admitted to the hospital I was still 0 dilated/ 0% effaced. My daughter came out wonderfully and I was in great shape. I wouldn't have changed anything. Personally, I think it was an elective induction anticipating a non-elective induction within a couple days.

Amanda said...

I don't agree with non-medically necessary inductions or c-sections, either. I've also begun to wonder why my OB's office won't let anyone carry twins past 38 weeks. They've told me that they would induce me/give me a c-section at that point if I hadn't gone into labor on my own. I think I'll ask why when I go on in Thursday.

I seriously seriously don't agree with it when anyone does it to fit into some sort of schedule or because they're simply uncomfortable.

the mol said...

I was induced at 41 weeks. I was fairly certain that my dates were close to being right.

I was worried about being overdue and needing an induction. I was petrified about "requiring" an epidural in this situation and even more scared that I'd end up having a C/S. Fortunately, I needed neither the drugs nor the surgery.

I was attached to the monitors, which didn't allow me too much flexibility, and I probably had too much in the way of IV fluids, but at least I was able to get up and move around the bedside, bounce on a yoga ball, and, before they broke my water, go to the bathroom myself. I can't imagine laboring for hours and hours with an epidural stopping me from moving.

I find that so many women are such princesses when it comes to L&D but it's really not my business.

Lisa said...

I was induced at 37w 3d (delivered at 37w 4d) during a twin pregnancy. The reason for induction was because the babies were both already over 6 pounds (born at 7 and 6 pounds, respectively) and since I wanted to try and deliver vaginally, my OB didn't want them getting too big. Also, I delivered in the OR (in case of emergency C-section) and the induction would allow for the necessary staff to be at the hospital.

I was ok with it, but I think it was because the reasons were legitimate (I think they were at least, maybe I am wrong!).