Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sorry Tampa Bay

Time to put away your cowbells and get in line for tomorrow's buffet.

Yay! Good Job Phillies!!


Anonymous said...

Hehe, they did it for Steve Irwin. I *am* a Phillies fan, and was just under a year old the last time they won the series, and mercifully I can't remember Mitch Williams effing it up.

jenn said...

i ~hate~ that the phillies won. i live right in one of those neighborhoods that get extra police & news attention because immediately after the game 3,000+ people poured out into the street. screaming, chanting, honking horns, lighting fireworks, helicoptors flying around capturing it all. until well after 1 am. the game ended around 10pm. i am working on 4 hours of sleep because of a team i really don't care about. is it exciting- yes. am i a cranky overtired pregnant lady who just wants to get some fucking sleep and was cheering for the rays just for that purpose alone? you bet your ass!

Merlot said...

Thanks! It's been a long 28 years.