Friday, October 31, 2008

~~ I Gained Weight!!! ~~

Yeah baby, the weight gain conundrum seems to be ~over~ !!!

Height: 5'8"
My lowest after 2 babies weight where I looked like a skeleton: 120
My still too skinny, but I secretly loved it weight: 125
My weight where I look my best to me and everyone else: 130-135
My usual non-trying weight: 140
My pre-IVF, post 18 mos of treatments weight: 145 (Feb, 08)
My post-IVF, post-FET, BFP weight: 157 (April)
My 25week pregnant weight: 160 (October 10th)
My 28week pregnant weight: 163 (October 31st)
Total weight gain since BFP: 6 lbs
Total weight gain including IVF: 18 lbs

Yay! I gained 3 lbs in the last 3 weeks!!

And I'll admit it right here and now, I kind of liked not gaining weight. Which is all kinds of wrong. I ~know~ I need to! I ~know~ I have to! But when I was eating and the weight just wasn't coming on, it was nice to think I may not get out of control huge like I have with my other two kids. Yes, I'm the one who has blogged multiple times about the good of pregnancy weight gain. I'm the one who had blogged multiple times about hating it when girls would be all "woohoo! I didn't gain any weight!" But in my defense, I never said woohoo. In fact, I blogged about how I was worried about it. But being who I am, I will admit I secretly liked it, but only in my head.

I predict I will gain 1 lb every week for the next 12 weeks. This will mean my pregnancy-only weight gain will be 18 lbs, but my total gain including IVF will be 40 lbs. Good lord. Well, it's not the 50 lbs like the last two times, right? And realistically, I know I need to gain whatever Karl needs me to. So I just have to allow whatever to happen to happen.

Other Appointment Stats/Facts

~ My uterus only measured 23cms when it should have measured 28. He saw the difference and remeasured me. This time he dug for the top of my uterus and he got 25cms. He's chalking it up to the baby now being breech and it'll be important to make sure it'll grow consistently in the new position.

~ Regarding being breech, doc gives me 8 weeks before he'll start to worry about him not turning. Whew! We've got lots of time to coax him back into position.

~ I got yelled at for not doing my GDD test before 28 weeks. I meant to go yesterday, but Ella was sick and I wasn't going to take her to the hospital lab for a 3 hour test. I must go next week. No excuses.

~ We talked about my depression. I have felt tons better in the last week so we're hoping I just stay this way, but if it comes back, to talk to him. He said he's seen this in high risk pregnancies, where the stress of it all can kind of just catch up to me, even if I'm not thinking about it consciously. With how hard we tried for the baby and then all the scares at the beginning and then all the problems we have now, well, it's just a lot. Add that onto normal pregnancy hormones, parenting two little girls, a stressful job and the fact I'm having a boy this time, he didn't think it was strange at all I was down. He did say he was happy I recognized it and to keep in mind that I will be of higher risk for post partum depression. Fun times.

~ I asked about the BPPs and why it seems the tech is looking at the opposite of what we should be looking at. See, they are looking for the "normal" BPP, which is a reactive pattern. They want to see the baby's heart rate to increase 3 from movement a certain number of times in a certain amount of time. I thought we were watching for signs of his heart rate dropping from compressing the cord.

He explained a lot more than I knew at first. He said with a velamentous cord insertion, the risks are growth restriction, placental deterioration and other problems, decreased fluid and of course the cord compression. I didn't know about the placental issues. He continued to explain my age and IVF also increases my risk for placental issues. And even more, a past pregnancy with placenta accreta (Allison's placenta grew in and through my uterus), I'm at even a higher risk. So, making sure he's growing and the fluid levels are normal and his heart rate is reactive now is very important in determining issues further into the pregnancy. He said he wouldn't expect to see any issues this early, but 32-34 weeks is where it usually would get problematic if there are to be issues later on. He explained if we didn't have the velamentous cord, he'd be ordering BPPs and NSTs anyway, we just wanted to start 2 months early to not only have a baseline, but to be extra careful.

So that all scares the living bejeezus out of me. I thought the fact Karl is thriving was a good sign for all my issues, but it simply means he's doing good now, a period where they wouldn't even expect problems. I still have a giant hurdle to get over and it's only going to get scarier by the minute.

All I can focus on right now is the fact we all know I have a very high risk for placental issues. And I am being monitored to the best of the doctor's ability for the moment. If I need to start getting more tests or even admitted to the hospital for constant monitoring, I'll do it. Of course I'll do it.

~ I will have my husband take my 28w picture for the sidebar when he gets back from trick-or-treating with the kids.


Sara said...

Hi Nancy - just wanted to let you know that while this is all very scary right now, remember that each and every week Karl is in your belly the better off he is. I guess what I am saying - each week that passes without complications is a reason to count your blessings. And ~if~ something were to come up - which it won't! - everything will be okay.

I hope this is coming across the way I want it to. I am trying to be encouraging, not insensitive.


Cate said...

Yay for the weight gain! I know you were worried about it and it doesn't make you a bad person to be happy that you weren't gaining weight subconciously, what person wants to gain weight? I'll be keeping you and Karl in my prayers that he arrives safely and he flips back around so you don't have to worry about that, as you obviously have enough on your plate right now. And I'll send you a few of my pounds if you want them lol.

Nikki said...

Good luck Nancy! You've got a fighter in there. I remember all your BFNs then BFPs then low betas then slow betas etc etc etc. You've for sure got a fighter in there!

Yay for the weight gain. Good luck for all the tests you're supposed to do. Like Sara said, every week that Karl stays in your tummy, the safer things are.

Good luck!

jenn said...

I'm glad you gained weight! (I am secretly kind of happy in that I'm still a little worried too way about my lack of weight gain).

I'm sorry the hurdles just keep coming- glad to hear Karl is g=doing so great & I just hope that you get through the next ones easily. <3

Geohde said...

I'm five seven and back at 115 post over 60 pounds of knocked up yo-yo. It makes my head spin to realise I gained over half my body weight and lost it within 2 months.

I never know wheather to be pleased or horrified...


Topcat said...

Yes, on the weight gain!! i can't wait to see your belly pic .... LOOOOOVE your belly pics, even though they make me intensely clucky all over again.

I love your pics in the previous posts, too.

Sweetheart, you are going magnificently. There are risky things here, that must be at the back of your mind constantly. For what it's worth, I am so so confident and sure that everything will be fine. XOXOX

MrsSpock said...

Considering all the things you have weighing on your mind- whoo hoo! for weight gain now being one less thing.

The Captain's Wife said...

So glad you gained a couple of lbs. Karl needs do you.

I am sorry however that you are being faced with so many risks and uncertainties (sp?). In my gut it will all turn out great. You may have some ups and downs but I am hopeful it'll all be good. You are asking the right questions and learning what you need to, in order to care for your baby the best you can.

Carrie Ann said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you and the pregnancy. Hope baby Karl flips around for you. Congrats on the weight gain too - now you weigh as much as I do at 28 weeks -but I am 5'1''!! (snort snort)

Jenera said...

I only have a few seconds before my internet craps out again. Yeah on the gain! I finally gained weight at my last appointment and my doctor was happy. Even though I struggle with being overweight, it's a comforting fact that I can gain a few pounds and it's okay.

On all the other stuff, I hope it doesn't all get to be too much. I'm sure you've had enough stress through the whole thing. And good for your doctor for being open about the depression. My doc is on board for me in case I get a little whacky towards the end.

Krista said...

Hope Karl keeps safely growing with no placenta problems. Where's the belly pic?

sarah said...

Sounds like our pre-weights are like EXACTLY the same. I am 5'9", and stay around 140-145. At the end of IVF, I was 159. I am now about 156 and have been for weeks. It messes with your head on what is baby weight and what is just weight!