Friday, August 22, 2008

I get way too distracted.

So my husband is up in Denver at Red Rocks seeing NOFX and the Bosstones play. I could have gone, but really, what's a show without beer? I'd be tired and annoyed by everyone else. And I really have to get ready for Goose's birthday party.

Instead of doing the things I had to do: sweep, mop, general cleanup, it's 10:24pm right now and since I've started cleaning around 3pm, I have completely organized the office, the kids' room, the living room and the master bedroom. Organized meaning taken things out of drawers and re-arranged, dumping anything I deem "extra". I have gone through ALL the toys, found all missing parts and put everything back together, down to the littlest puzzle piece to Mr potato head's right ear. I have thrown away a huge garbage bag full of crappy toys, not worth goodwill, I promise. This toy thing alone was a huge task.

Now it's 1027pm and I have to: sweep, mop and the kitchen still needs the general cleanup.

Awesome. Taking a few hours off work really got me ahead, eh?

It's 1131 right now and dusting, sweeping and mopping is done. Kitchen counters are left. No idea why I'm updating you with my progress except my legs hurt and it feels like a break to sit down for a moment.


Geohde said...

Reminds me- I need to vacuum!


Jenn BG said...

The bosstones! I hear you on needing beer, but man, I have permanent tenidous in my left ear from them...totally worth it! I commend you on all the cleaning. I really need to do that myself. I'm SO unmotivated. I'm actually at work this morning, making up hours from Jacob being sick this past as you can see, I'm working hard. LOL. Enjoy your DH free weekend. Mine goes to Phoenix on Tuesday and I'm kind of excited for a little break. I always clean when he's gone too. What's up with that? He needs to be gone for me to be productive?

Have a great weekend!

jenn said...

Sounds like my 'cleaning' fits. Usually they are more like organizing fits or purging fits. General cleaning just doesn't do it for me, lol! (lucily I am spoiled by having a neat freak for a husband. He can't put his dirty socks in the hamper, but he's constantly vaccuuming, cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, etc. I'll take it!

Good luck today for Gooses' birthday! Have fun & I hope you are not too tired!

Amanda said...

Even though you didn't get to your original list until later, I'm sure having those other tasks accomplished feels great. Plus, now you've made room for new toys that little Miss Allison will get at her party. :-)

The Captain's Wife said...

I went to see the Bosstones a few weeks ago and was not the same without beer. I mean I love them, but the people anoyed me becasue they were all drinking and letting loose and I was all sober and guarding my belly. Boo Hoo

sara said...

I liked hearing your cleaning update...for some reason it is very refreshing for me these days to hear how other people are doing. So thank you for entertaining me! ALso, hope you get a chance to catch a little rest after your long day. Sounds like it was a really busy one :-)

Sarah R said...

Don't you just feel better after cleaning though? I know I do. I can actually have a better day at work if I know my house is clean...which doesn't happen all that often since my husband is a "set it down wherever" kind of guy (super annoying to find his toothbrush in teh kitchen and some peach pits in the bathroom...and I am constantly picking up his damn apple cores--I kid you not!). He is not trainable either!!! Andrew BETTER take after Mom or I'm hiring someone to clean! ;)

Monday is Andrew's birthday and we're having a very small party with just the 2 grandmas and my siblings. At least my house will be clean for a short while!

Cute belly pic, by the way! It looks so firm and perfect. You have a beautiful belly! :)

Sara said...

I really need you to come to my house and clean. I am a horrible housekeeper!
Happy birthday to your Goose!

Io said...

I am terrible at cleaning/organizing - I always get sidetracked into different projects that are not what I am supposed to be doing. And unlike you, I rarely get back to the original plan.

heavenlytini said...

you were busy!!! bet that baby was like mom why the hell are we moving so much? lol glad u got it all done now you can rest