Wednesday, September 19, 2007

All clear.

Third time was the charm. Barely hurt at all this time. And that means a lot.

The first HSG hurt to where I burst into uncontrollable tears. The man inserting and blowing up the balloon was agressive and put my cervix into spasms of hearty cramps unlike I had ever felt. The nurse had to practically hold me down. The second time was painful due to the blockages - they kept pushing more dye in hopes they could get past the barriers. No luck and it hurt tremendously bad.

Well, this third one wasn't bad at all. A little crampage when the balloon was inflated, but she waited for the cramps to pass. Once that was done and the speculum was taken out, I could barely notice anything was there at all. The addition of the ink posed no additional discomfort at all.

The results were okay. Lefty still spilled like the mouth of the mississippi. Righty did get to spilling, but things looked a little wonky - along with the entire right side of my uterus, but that's to be expected from the surgery.

The doc chick said "You're pretty tough by the looks of your cervix". heh. Yeah, some people show their scars/wounds where people can clearly see they're tough. Me? I've got a scarred cervix.


jennifercarol said...

LOL! I had no idea you could measure toughness by a woman's cervix. The next time I meet somebody who seems really tough, I'll have to ask them about their cervix. Or do you think they'd get the wrong impression???

SaraS-P said...

Glad things went fairly well.

You should brag to people about your tough cervix.

jk215 said...

I'm so glad it went so well!

You should get a tattoo to commemorate- "if you think I'm tough- check out my cervix"