Saturday, September 8, 2007

My brain is smarter than my heart.

I know that post-o temps mean absolutely nothing. When anyone else starts obsessing, I try to kindly point out that there is just nothing to really look at until LP time is up. I ~know~ this.

So my temps are pretty freaking high right now. Higher than ever. And I know I ovulated 2 nice plump eggs. So I know I have higher than normal progesterone levels due to 2 corpus luteums. I ~know~ this.

So why isn't my brain telling my heart to stop getting excited over nothing? Not only is my brain NOT telling my heart to stop, brain is enabling heart by allowing heart to use brains abilities to go "search for charts like your own". Good lord.

Or maybe it's all just a big conspiracy plan brought about by Miss Hope. Now that's something I can grab onto.


jk215 said...

I say we drag Miss Hope into a field & beat her senseless.

even though your chart is really amazing to see! Everything I have is crossed for you on this one!

Anonymous said...

You know I'm pulling for you! This could be IT! Karyn

Glennformer said...

I'm a little slow with the TTC acronyms and lingo. I thought you missed a hyphen and meant to type post-o-temps, which I took as a temporary posted comment until you had time to REALLY say what you wanted to say--like a post-it note. I was all set to look up how to get and use the post-o-temps widget for my blog so people would know a post was just temporary until I got a chance to smooth it up. Reading further, "until LP time" provide no more clues (later post? limited partnership? long playing? liquid propane?). Thank goodness for the 2nd paragraph where ordinary English reappeared.

I'm with jk215 on beating Miss Hope senseless. She's great when there's nowhere to go but up, you are desperate, and nothing is working but for ordinary times she's just tempting you to get on an emotional roller coaster as if it only had high points. That's evil.