Saturday, September 8, 2007

Roller Derby!

Monday is "recruit day" with the local roller derby teams and guess who is trying out? Little ole me.

I. can't. wait.

Really. Since I just hit 35, I feel my punkrock days are slipping away and I need to grab onto the horns with all my might. Can't think of a better way than to be a Pikes Peak Derby Dame.

I went roller skating today to brush up on my skills since I haven't been on roller skates, since, oh, I was 11 years old. And wow. I sucked at first. But after an hour or so, I was flying around the rink fast as could be. I am fast. But not so great on the whole stopping thing. heh. That'll be next. And I'm thinking that I'll normally be stopped by being pummeled by some hardcore derby girl anywho.

3 months before I can be picked up for a team unless I pass a skills assessment early. So we'll see how it goes. Whether I'm picked up or not is not what I'm going for (but I really want to wear a little school girl skirt & tank top for my official uniform. I really do.)

IF I end up with a BFP this next week, I'm sure my disappointment into not continuing with roller derby won't even make me bat an eyelash. Minimal disappointment for something that never was. But if it does end in a BFN, at least I have this to fall on. And if I do get to derby, I'm going to visualize every girl on the opposing team as a fertile mertile. How's that?


jk215 said...

I can totally see it!

you need to start thinking of a really good name!

jennifercarol said...

I bet you'll be a kick ass roller derby gal in no time. Or you'll have a BFP. Either way there is something to look forward to!

jk215 said...

Isn't today the day? Good luck!!! I hope you get to kick some ass!

Jewels said...

LOL, I feel so sorry for all the little Miss. Myrtles up against Nancy! Gawd I wished there was a way you could record it and show us. I don’t want to miss this. Are you going to wear Pigtails and chew bubble gum too as you plummet their little bummies all over the rink?
I wished I could do something like that but I fall a lot harder than I did when I was 11.

jamie said...

I am so excited for you. I have always wanted to do that but never had the balls. I agree with pp that you need a kick ass name. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, that sounds like a crazy fun plan. Let us know how you do.