Friday, September 28, 2007

Name that RE!

I love my new RE. I'm so happy Dr Dick got a new partner because really, I love him. I even like his cute french accent when normally, accents don't do much for me. I need a cute little name for him now - like so many of you bloggers out there have for your own REs. I don't want to go the 'frenchy' route either. Let's see. He's got a beard. He was one of the team of doctors who "invented" the use of femara for ovulation induction. He smiles a lot. He doesn't like it when I try to sum up what he's talking about before he's done. He doesn't like me jumping to the conclusions, even though I may be right, because he really likes to explain everything (which is good and bad). He's egyptian I believe. He's from Montreal, hence the french accent. He's got a nice handshake. He makes you feel at ease. If you have any ideas of a cute nickname for him, please let me know! I used all my naming energy on my roller derby name, so I definitely need help.

Onto my update from today's wanding ...

Let me just say ~thank goodness~ the RE office allowed me to have a flat rate for this monitored cycle. For my "on average, you'll need 3 ultrasounds" cycle, I just had u/s #3 and I still have not gotten to where they thought I would be for u/s #2. I have at least 2 more in store! Could you imagine my bill from a 5 u/s cycle when they were going to charge me $300/visit? Damn! So Lefty still has some small follies that weren't even worth measuring today. Righty has grown from 12x11 on Tuesday to 19x13 today. Still not big enough!

Follie is very football shaped still. Oblong and not all round and plump. I have another u/s scheduled for Sunday morning. He thought Monday could be too late, so yet another weekend appointment. He did mention that there was a chance Sunday may be late too, but with my history of ~not~ letting go of the egg from nice and plump follicles, I think we're safe. And it's not like there is anything to miss anywho - there will be no insemination.

I wonder how they'll handle all these injections. I know they'll trigger me w/ 7,000 IUs when my O is ready, but what am I going to do for the following 3 injections? I need another 1,000 IUs on 2dpo, 4dpo and 6dpo. Will they let me do it themselves? Or am I going to have to come in for 3 more appointments? That'll be a pain in the ass. I have no problem doing it myself, they just have to show me how.

I've been thinking a lot about the hcg injects to lengthen LP. And it makes sense now. The hCG will fool my corpus luteum that I am pregnant and it won't think he has to die in a short 12 days. Hopefully that'll make him pump out more progesterone than he normally would - thinking he was going to die soon. Have you heard of "Short Timer's Disease"? This happens when someone at work has an end date in sight. It could be from putting in their 2 week notice, to having a long vacation coming up or just about anything that takes them away from work. They know their time is coming to an end, even if it's temporary, so they don't put forth too much effort. This is what I think my corpus luteums are up to. They know their time is coming to an end after my short LP is up, so why work so hard? These hCG shots should definitely fool him into doing a good job.


Don't forget to submit your ideas for my RE's nickname!


Kim said...

Hmm... that's a tough one!! How about... Dr. Pepe Le Pu? hahaha... that's all I've got!!!

Otherwise, I hope this cycle works out well for you, of course. If anything, maybe you'll learn something new... like how to shoot yourself up with some fancy hormones. ;o)

P.S. What is your LP usually, was it 12 days? Mine is usually 10-12 days also, so I was just wondering what Dr. Pepe has told you about the significance of that.

Jewels said...


Anonymous said...

If your doctor is from Montreal he is French Canadian, not French. BIG difference!

nancy said...

Well, yeah. I never thought he was FRENCH. He speaks with a french accent because he's french canadian and speaks it.

LOL. But thanks for telling me there is a difference between FRANCE and CANADA. hehe.