Saturday, September 22, 2007

My poor, poor baby girl. (children mentioned)

My little girl has broken her foot.

It all started with a little weekend getaway my husband and I really needed. We were going up to Denver and meeting 6 friends at Six Flags. After a night of roller coasters, we had reservations at the Marriott to stay the night, ~sleep in~, do a little shopping the next day and then pick up the kids at Grandma's house.

It's 3:30pm on Friday and I'm home, picking up my bag and headed out the door. I call my mother to see how the kids did that day and to let her know I'm leaving.

"There's been an accident".

Oh no. Poor Allison is freaking out in the background. Inconsolable. My mother explains they all went to the park and she was afraid to let Allie slide down the big slide alone, so my mother went up with Allison on her lap. Right before sliding down, Ella gets up on her lap too, not wanting to be left out. Somewhere down the slide, Allison's foot gets twisted or turned or caught. She won't walk on it. She won't stand on it.

I call the pediatrician. Not that I didn't know what to do, but if I was going to cancel my trip at the last minute to take my daughter to the emergency room, which I already knew I was going to do, I needed someone else to tell me I had to. It's really so if nothing ended up being wrong, I had someone else to "blame" - I could say "Well, they told me I had to".

I rush out to my Mom's. Allison was sitting pretty comfortably and didn't even seem like there was an issue. But if I would try to stand her up, she'd be reduced to tears. Off to the ER we went.

Tom showed up a little later (I asked him to get all our stuff together to meet us there). My mother, feeling horribly guilt-ridden, was with me - helping me take care of Ella while tending to Allie. 4 hours later, the ER doc tells us it's most likely a fracture, but the x-ray is clear. She explains this kind of fracture rarely shows up easily on x-rays immediately following the injury and if broken, will show up later, once the body starts trying to heal itself. She also said she's not an expert in pediatric fractures of this nature and an ortho will need to look at it, possibly even seeing a break she can't. Due to Allison's reaction to any pressure on her foot/leg, they want to treat it as a fracture. They half-cast it and wrap it up with a bandage so it'll be removable for more x-rays on Monday.

I feel so bad for her! I can tell something is really wrong and she's not just babying it. She'll completely forget about it and put pressure on it - only to immediately cry out in pain. From the other people I've talked to who have dealt with fractures of this type, their children have acted the same way.

I'm hoping to get good news on Monday and find out that it is not a fracture. I'm hoping she'll start walking on it soon and it gets better in record time. Oh man, I really hope she doesn't need a permanent cast.


Kim said...

Oh my goodness! I can totally imagine how terrified you were. I feel so bad for your little sweetheart. I must say though, she makes that cast look pretty freakin' adorable. I really hope that it isn't hindering her too much and that she heals quickly!

Shayna said...

OMG Nancy! Poor Allie! Give her big (((HUGS))) from me!

I agree with Kim though, she does rock that cast like a trooper! I wonder if it would make her feel better if she can color on it?

I hope she gets better soon!


jk215 said...

Poor Allie! & poor you having to see your little girl hurt like that! I hope she gets better soon & it's not a bad fracture- if it is one at all.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby girl! I hope that she's ok! Dealing with a fracture is SO not fun for either the child or the mother. When preston cracked his skull I was just overwraught, I can imagine what you're going through. (hugs)