Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The road was paved with good intentions.

I end up putting my foot in my mouth more often than most. And it's usually completely unintentional.

I'm someone who likes to explain my thoughts, especially when it's a difficult subject for me. Because it's a difficult subject, I usually put in a lot of time thinking about it, making it a not so simply subject. Then, when I try to explain it aloud, I end up explaining too much. Instead of keeping it simple and to the point, I try to cover all areas, thinking I'm tying up loose ends.

What always ends up happening is I seem to either confuse the subject all together or send mixed signals because I try to cover all aspects.

This just happened to me. I came to an epiphany about something and in all honesty, I thought it was making me a better person. I overcame some negative thoughts I had and turned them into positives. I wanted to share this to show a group of people that I'm not so bad about this issue after all. To show that I have came to better and more thoughtful conclusions. I thought it would put people at ease. I thought that it would make people feel better about how I perceived things.

What ended up happening is making it worse. I didn't focus on the simple point I was trying to make. Instead, I put in way too many analogies and those were focused on, when admittedly, not much thought was put in on the analogies themselves. I compared things that shouldn't of been compared in their own nature when I just wanted an extreme example. I made people think I feel even more negative about the subject than they probably thought before.

My intentions were good, but through too much explanation, I look like a crazy person. And any effort to try to rectify it looks like I'm backpedalling.



Tammy's Thought Pattern said...

We do that at some point, trust me. I do it all the time and end up feeling like an ass afterwards.

We still love you though! :o)

BethH6703 said...

I feel your pain darlin!

As soon as they come up with some kind of universal cure for infertility, and then a "pee turning purple @ moment of conception" pill, I'm going to get my crack team of scientists working on a treatment for "open mouth, insert foot" syndrome.

Jewels said...

LOL, sorry to giggle, I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing cuz I relate.

I'm so sick eating foot. Is there something else on the menu?

jennifercarol said...

You mean you aren't a crazy person????

LOL. Sorry to laugh at your expense. But oh have I been there! In fact it seems like I go there on a daily basis!

trisha said...

eh, who cares, it happens to me weekly. LOL. Atleast im trying to understand you then jumping to conclusions. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love you! I understood what you were trying to say. -kh