Monday, September 24, 2007

Update - ttc & broken leg (child mentioned)

Wow, sorry about all the "children mentioned" posts all in a row. While first and foremost I am a mommy, my blog usually isn't about me going on and on about them. But right after my little epiphany, my little one broke her leg and well, that's ~news~!

Anywho - it's broke. Fibia fracture to be exact. The pediatric orthopaedic said it's common in toddlers when there is an injury like this and it will heal fast. She was casted and only has to have it on for 3 weeks. It's a "semi ridgid" cast, which means it'll come off without the use of a saw, which is recommended for little ones, but to me, it looks and feels like any other regular cast. The only downside I see is it didn't come in a variety of colors, which I have to admit, kinda sucks. The cast room was full of little kids getting very cool looking casts - the 3 boys around us all picked "camo". Pretty damned cool if you ask me. But Allie is only 2, so she doesn't know any better. I'll try to decorate it the best I can.

Here is a picture from a few moments ago:

On the TTC front, I never updated what the decision of the month was. Bottom line is I'll be having a monitored cycle this month.

How that decision was made is this: In speaking with the finance girl at the office, I found out that my cd3 baseline ultrasound, outside of an IUI cycle and outside of having any cysts, was billed with "infertility" status. This means there was no issue they are trying to fix, which would be covered, so I will be paying out of pocket for it. Ultrasound plus office visit runs about $315!!!

To have a monitored cycle around hCG trigger shots (which I will probably need to get my body to release the egg and not grow into a cyst) would cost me $850~ish minimum. This figure is from 3 ultrasounds and office visit charges, with some out of pocket discount applies.

Whoa. Yeah. That's the cost of almost 2 IUI cycles. If I want to get monitored, may as well go all the way with an IUI added in.

Finance girl talked to RE and came to an agreement that they'll charge me a flat rate of $400/cycle for a non-iui, monitored cycle. This would be for cd3 baseline, unlimited number of u/s I will need to get me to trigger, u/s to confirm ovulation and progesterone blood work after confirmed O. This makes sense and I was happy they'd work with me if I wanted this. Problem is, I don't want that. I just want to check to see if I ovulated after a +opk. Since I'm already being charges $315 for the cd3 baseline, I'm just going to pay $85 more for the complete monitored cycle.

After this, I'm just going to do it alone. If I feel the pain of a follicle gone bad, I can go in for an ultrasound at that time - which will be covered since it will be a medical necessity. What I am worried about is if it gets to this stage, it'll mean I'd be out for that cycle AND the next cycle. Sure, insurance will cover it at that point, but what exactly would be the point?

It's all so aggravating. Due to LUF syndrome, I'll need $400/cycle monitoring plus trigger to escape a cyst which would bench me for 2 months at least. This could also be done through a $580/cycle IUI. But I'm paying for this out of pocket! By the time IVF could be started, It'd of cost $4k in repeat IUIs/monitoring. Bah. I'm damned if I do, I'm damned if I don't.


BethH6703 said...

Poor Allison!!! I'm sure that she'll heal up quick tho, and I have no doubt that you will make her cast the most rockin cast any toddler has every had!!!

jennifercarol said...

Poor Allie! She does look completely adorable though.

$315 for an u/s + office visit seems like a lot to me. My RE charges only $135. That really sucks, but I can definitely see the logic of spending an extra $85 at this point.

nancy said...

yeah - RE's charge differences based on city and need. I wish I was in a city where it was cheaper, but alas, I'm not.

Jewels said...

Oohh, poor sweet thing. That sucks!
I think it hurts mom more than anybody, I've broke 2 arms, 1 leg, a wrist, a nose, my tail bone and my for head (bad concussion- Yes, I was a clumsy child) and I now know as a mother that it must have hurt my mom worse than it hurt me. I'm a baby to my son’s injuries. I'm sorry you’re going through this.
She does look adorable in that cute little foot cast :(