Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It is understood, right?

I've seen so many other posts on the subject. From what I started with Primary vs Secondary Infertility.

I wasn't making a comparison between the two and how all people feel.

I wasn't saying anyone's life is better or worse between the two.

I wasn't saying anyone's pain is worse.

What I did say was I could compare my pain of ~not~ getting what I want(ed) at the time. The pain ~I~ felt when #1 wasn't coming is exactly the pain ~I~ feel when #3 isn't coming.

I never said I wasn't happy with what I have.

I never said ttc#1-ers, after long journeys, should feel the same as me. In fact, I said they most likely would not.

What I did say was the pain of the disappointment ~feels~ the same to ME. In the journey my life took me on.

So WHY did I write it at all? I simply tried to point out to those who may not understand how secondary infertiles can feel badly or even maybe WHY secondary infertiles should get a bit of support when needed too. Based on how I felt. That we're not all lollipops and roses holding a BFN, again, while another child calls us from the other room. That BFN hurts. And the disappointment sucks. And the WANT is the same.

I saw some comments that seemed to misrepresent my original comments and I just wanted to make sure I explained to anyone who may come back.

I felt both primary and secondary IF (in my little way). So I can comment, with some certainty, on how I felt/feel. I can't comment how anyone else in the entire world feels.

And to be honest, it's not even how I felt when I was primary. Back then, I would have argued my own conclusions (again, in my own journey), till the cows came home. So everyone not agreeing with me was completely expected. I just hope that no one was offended by my description of how ~I~ personally feel. Actually, I don't think it'd be possible to be offended because I never mentioned how anyone else should feel. Simply how it felt to be me.

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Marvin the Martian said...

Very interesting. You write well, and express your ideas clearly and effectively.

I think it's interesting that, in writing about such intensely personal and life-changing issues, that you would be concerned about your readers' reaction to your thoughts. It's YOUR blog. You are entitled to express whatever feelings you wish. You do that quite well. Keep doing it. ;-)