Tuesday, September 11, 2007

That was fun. & I need some HELP!

I had so much fun last night just meeting all the girls. I want in. Definitely. Going to start going to practice.

So much fun that I didn't even flinch at my 10dpiui BFN. (okay, so it's a teeny early, but still.)

I need to come up with a name. The key to the name is it can't be taken nor even like any other names. Here is the ~master roster~. Did you take a look? See. It's an nearly impossible job.

I want my name to be a play on words. Even including my own name. I thought of "sick 'em Nancy" like Sid n Nancy, but "Skid'n Nancy" was already taken. I have an awesome version of Nancy Sinatra though, that it the forerunner of my own ideas.

I need your help. Any ideas out there? Any at all?


Shayna said...



BethH6703 said...

oooooooh, I like Shayna's suggestion! I have nothing original, as I'm TERRIBLE at that kind of stuff.

I do need some obsessing help tho, if you have time... take a peek at my chart. FF says I may have o'ed somewhere btwn cd14 & 29 (damn missing temps). I (and several of my chart obsessed stalkers), was pretty sure I o'ed btwn cd20 & 23. I have a bfn yesterday, but it was not fmu.... HELP!?!?!

BethH6703 said...

ok, I dumped in a 98 for tomorrow, no CL's

the temps themselves are lower, but I have a new therm (threw the old one out in a fit of TTC rage, lol)... but look at the pattern, instead of the temps, there's a shift there from cd20 to 24, no?

ugh... I'm so obsessed!

nancy said...

oh yes, I see the shift totally. I was just throwing out some ideas.

jennifercarol said...

Well along the Nancy Sinatra theme there is "These Skates are Made for Kicking Ass" but that's a bit long isn't it.

BethH6703 said...

yep, I see it too

and now, talking to others with faint +, I'm not 100% sure that I had a bfn... it wasn't a glaring 2nd line, so I tossed it, and today was garbage day.

ugh... damn roller coaster!

fmu tomorrow AM it is!

Fertilize Me said...

Wait til tomorrow's post- hopefully you will be able to understand this post more. I appreicate your honesty and i honor it more than you know!It truly blessed it and freed me

Aimee AKA adlz said...

Nancy, I love that you are getting into the roller derby! What a f-ing cool thing to do! I would like to help pick a name, too bad I am soooooo bad at that stuff. Shayna's is great. I just signed up for a duathlon - partly for the same reason as you, to have something to look forward to and something to focus on other than TTC. Look at us old ladies going out there and kicking a$$!

Ali said...

How about Nancy UnLeished?

Glennformer said...

My top ten (okay 16) name suggestions:

Noggin Knockin Nancy
Nordic Nightmare
Full Plate of Hate
Sweetness & Lightsaber
White Trash Compactor
Rocky Mountain Road Rage
Pikes Peak of Pain
Fire and Icepick
Pale of Two Fisties
PaleoHitChick Period
White-Bread of Death
Red White & Bruise
Red Bite & Bruise
Circles of Equal Anger

(I have diagrams of the last one)

My3sons said...

does it have to be a play on YOUR name? LOL : Ali Catraz