Tuesday, September 25, 2007

(In)Fertility Report.

As I explained yesterday, I am going through a "mock iui cycle" this month. All the monitoring, but no insemination. Today is cd13 and Righty is taking action this month, albeit slowly. The dominant follicle is only 12x11mm. I have a few on lefty, but right has them beat right now. So back again I go on Friday, when I'll be on cd16 to see if there was improvement. If mature, we'll trigger w/ 7,000 IUs.

Here's the new and exciting part. Instead of taking progesterone for my short (12 day) LP, I'm going to continue to take hCG to support it. Weird, eh? I've never done this one before. Anywho, for sake of explaining, let's say initial trigger was cd16. I'll receive an additional 1,000 IUs each on cd18, cd20 and cd22 (2, 4 & 6 dpo). This is really going to throw my poas obsession right down the toilet. With so much continued hcg, how in the world am I going to test early??

After my date with the wand, I went back to his office afterwards to go over my HSG results. While the HSG is a bad indicator of uterine health, he said there WAS indication that I have scar tissue again. He said my lining didn't protect the inside of my uterus after surgery as they hoped and my uterus probably touched while healing, pretty much sealing it together in places.


He estimates 30-40% of my uterus is covered in scar tissue again. And while this is ~much better~ than it was pre-surgery, it's still not optimum. It will make implantation more difficult and if by any chance it does occur, the pregnancy will be threatened with a much higher risk of miscarriage. He also told me a tidbit I didn't know before. He said that eggs "like" to implant in scar tissue, but rarely are able to be sustained because lack of blood flow. Just when I thought I knew it all (or at least most).

He wants to go in with a camera next month and verify his thoughts. Then, if true, MORE SURGERY for me. It doesn't matter how great my dough is. If my oven isn't working, no bun will be baked.

Here is the "plan" of worst case scenario of needing more surgery:
~ Wait and see this month if I magically conceive and carry the pregnancy
~ Next cycle, schedule hystography between cd 7-10.
~ Surgery would be based on scheduling of hospital. It would have to be done during a certain time frame, so while I could get it done asap, expect it to be done Mid November
~ Balloon would be inserted in uterus to allow for healing for 8 weeks. Birth control pills of some sort would probably be taken.
~ Balloon would be taken out around beginning of January.
~ Possibly 4 more weeks of hormones to be taken to get uterus "back in shape"
~ Mid February - Allowed to TTC again

I'm beyond pissed. Due to my self-proposed hard-stop date for TTC, the 10 months of trying that I have left now (not including this month) have been dropped to just 6. I've always enjoyed a challenge, but this type scares the crap out of me.


Knock Me Up said...

That's quite a winding road you're on these days. I hope the mock cycle goes well.

Kim said...

Ugh, how frustrating :O(

chicklet said...

Gawd, that just sucks. Too much stress!

jk215 said...

I really don't want you to have to wait until Feb/March- that sucks big ones. I hope no surgery is needed.