Sunday, September 30, 2007

I ~despise~ Veda.

Veda is the salon/spa I've been going to, for oh, 10 years or so. It started out as simple hair cuts and then moved up to coloring. But then my guy left and I followed him to his own salon, so Veda does not == hair money anymore.

Veda is still synonymous with "hair being ripped from it's roots". Yes, my esthetician is still gainfully employed there and I will NEVER leave her. Ever. The problem with Veda is it's "wall of products". They carry Aveda products and I love them. Not all of them and I don't think they are the end-all-be-all product, but still, there are more than I like than I don't. Which leads me to browsing through at each appointment. And each time, I find something. The fees for my last appointment were only $64 ($45 brazilian upkeep and $19 eyebrows) but the receipt showed $180. Bastards. And Aveda keeps coming out with more and more product that I want to try and Veda keeps stocking them! Damn them all to hell.

Veda is a coven of blood sucking leeches. (but I like it. and I have great hair & face product and some of my favorite makeup. If they somehow decide to change their name to VedaMacLancome, I'm seriously SCREWED.)


Anonymous said...

LMAO. This really made me giggle. I'm with you on the cosmetics. I buy stuff just to buy it knowing I either won't use it or I already have something just like it but goes by a different fun funky name. -kh

jk215 said...

my downfall is Ulta, and Sephora.

Although they are right out there in the open- no disguising the crack-like draw of product, lotion, & makeup in a service like a hair cut or waxing. I ~never~ leave empty handed. Plus I have to get at least one makeup item & try it as soon as I get to my car. no matter what I already have on!