Monday, September 3, 2007

Question to all you other IUI-ers...

I was told that you guys don't get to see the spermies making their way up the fallopian tubes during your IUIs.

What is the protocol for yours? Do you get an ultrasound day of IUI? What are all the steps that happen for you?

The steps for me on day of:
1. Fabulous speculum is inserted and then the catheter.
2. Speculum is taken out while they inject.
3. catheter taken out.
4. Wand goes in.
5. measurements of the follicles - looking for their collapse to make sure I actually Od. If I have not O'd quite yet, another insemination is scheduled for following day.
6. measurements of lining.
7. Watches "other" things - like tubes, to make sure you can see the spermies being "sucked up" tubes. Also looks for blood flow.


chicklet said...

If we do super-ovulation they monitor us, but I don't know that that means I'd get to see anything during the IUI, just pre-IUI. On the Clomid, here's my deal after we verify the sample:
1. Warning re the fabulous speculum coming soon.
2. Fabulous speculum inserted.
3. Usually a compliment or two on my small but very normal cervix.
4. Warning re getting lightheaded and uncomfortable.
5. Fabulous catheter inserted. Me lightheaded and mildly uncomfortable.
6. Fabulous catheter emptied out in me.
7. Fabulous catheter then fabulous speculum removed.
7. Told to go play tennis.

BethH6703 said...

LOL @ both the original description, and Chicklet's description, too funny.

I was non-monitored during the IUIs, so I got:
1: Speculum insertion (fun fun FUN)
2: Catheter insertion
3: The Pushing of the Plunger
4: On 1 IUI I actually had the nurse, head still between my legs, cheering on the sperm (think "Go spermies GO!"). It was bizarre enough that I thought it was worth a mention.
5: Cath & speculum removal.
6: Obligatory 15 minutes of "quiet reflection", complete with Far-East relaxation CD

nancy said...

well, I am monitored, which only means 3-4 more ultrasounds, looking at the pretty black blobs that are follicles.

I did NOT get to go play tennis (i was robbed)
I DID get the obligatory 15 minutes of (don't move) minus the music. Music would be nice. Instead, there is this fertility god like thing mobile. A mobile for adults apparently.

Shel said...

for me:

1: Ultrasound
2: update on sperm
3: Speculum in
4: catheter in + emptied
5: catheter out
6: speculum out
7: 15 minutes of time to "reflect"

there's not much that is fabulous and there's definately no tennis

I'm on to IUI number five next month. best of luck to all...

Kat said...

I'll respond to this one, since we all know how FABULOUS my RE is...LoL ::eyeroll::

1. Good Sample: check!
2. Feet up!
3. Speculum in!
4. Catheter placed,plunger pushed, and catheter removed!
5. Speculum out!
6. The obligatory line "If you don't get your period in 14 days, take a test. If its positive call and we will schedule your blood work, if its negative, once your cycle starts call and we will schedule another baseline u/s"
7. Wait for 5 minutes, then the nurse tells me I can go!

Pretty damn boring...I dont even get a mobile! =P