Thursday, September 27, 2007

My diagnoses.

The plural of diagnosis is diagnoses. I didn't know it and had to look it up and now that I've been looking at it, they don't even look like real words.

Anywho, on the ttc message boards I frequent, I put in my diagnoses in my signature line since I finally have them. And it felt weird to me. Suddenly having 31 cycles of ttc summed up in two syndromes. Weird. For the first 19 cycles, I was "unexplained IF". Send in the cysts. The cysts and scar tissue could definitely of only presented itself later though. I probably was truly unexplained for the first 19 months.

LUF Syndrome
Asherman's Syndrome

I could add in endo in their too, but I'm not going to. Two "syndromes" are enough for me to accept as it is. I don't want to add in anything else. At least for now.

I'm feeling a tad melancholy today. I'm sore from last night's practice (which, by the way, was freaking awesome!). I'm exhausted from being up every night due to A's broken leg. I feel a little negative about the possibility of every being pregnant again. I'm overwhelmed at work. Did I mention that I was sore from last night? (seriously - I got pummeled).

Hopefully this is just a minor setback with my emotions.


chicklet said...

I think it's hilarious that you joined derby and are getting pummelled! Hilarious in teh good way:-) I joined floor hockey and am having the same experience...

Have a good weekend, try and recoup a little.

Kim said...

Yeah, I'm totally scared of you now that I know you joined roller derby... you could probably kick my @$$.

You're not alone in this, by the way... we're all right here with ya! You know what they say, misery loves company!

Wanderer said...

one day at a time! ;) you are going to kick azz! haha can't wait for pics. -kh