Sunday, September 30, 2007

Righty came through!

Before my follie check appointment, I got a peak reading and a followup +opk. Great timing because I got my first 7,500 IUs of hCG today too, since follie was 20x20mm! yay!

I'm to followup with 2 more hCG injections at 5dpo and 7dpo (he changed protocol today). They sent me home with some syringes and needles and told me when to do it. Although I got no injection training whatsoever. I don't think I need any, it's already mixed and all that - only need to poke myself. Maybe I'll check out a few injection videos Mel told us all about.

Hrm. 7dpo hCG injections. This is totally going to throw off my 2ww, you know that, right? suck.


Kim said...

Thinking good thoughts for you!!

jk215 said...

how many days does that put you off for your "early" testing?

I'll be right there with you though- give me all your obsessions!

SaraS-P said...

I nedver could do an injection without checking the instructions and a few internet videos! But I am also a wimp about needles.

Sunny Jenny said...

when can we start taking HPTs?? Is today too soon?