Saturday, September 29, 2007

Missing. Reward Offered.

Has anyone seen my ovulation? You can recognize her by +opks, peak reading on monitors, temp drops (for me) and even follicular pain.

But nothing? And it's cd17. My monitor tells me I'm high. My opks confirm that I don't need them as a backup unless I'm just looking for new places to get white color samples. My pain free ovaries are telling me I should enjoy what it feels like to be comfortable. My temp is telling me that this month, I'm not going to recognize any shape or sort of a pattern that I'm used to.

If I wasn't being monitored and I didn't know that I do, in fact, have a follie playing the "little engine that could" part, I would be contemplating annovulatory status. For the control freak I am, I thank all that is holy for the monitoring decision that was kinda forced upon me. Thank you WandMonkey gods in the sky. Thank you Dr LePu (yeah, I didn't want anything frenchie nor does this name sound like a nice name for the doctor I love so much, I'm sticking with it. At least for today) for rescheduling me once again for a weekend appointment because damn it, I'm worth it. (and people like me). heh.


Kim said...

I'm with ya this cycle... every OPK I've taken for the past 10 days look positive, and my temps are pretty useless.. no typical O symptoms, either. It sucks!

Kim said...

Ohhh, and you chose my name!! What do I win?! What do I win?!