Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Awards Time.

As I just told Kimbosue, "It's an honor just to be nominated." ~smile~

I recently have received 3 shoutouts from fellow bloggers Kimbosue, Amanda and Valerie.

First up is the Honest Scrap award, given to me by Valerie and Amanda, which I'm tickled to get because I've seen everyone getting it recently and no one gave it to me. (boohoo, poor me!) But it looks like ~two~ people gave it to me! (Sorry I missed the first one Amanda!)

These are given to blogs that are found brilliant in content or design. To be passed on to 7 bloggers (see end of post) then list at least 10 honest things about yourself.
1. I'm a hypocrite about a lot of things. But I'll be the first to admit it.
2. I like to play the know it all. (~gasp~)
3. I think I'm an ugly duckling.
4. I find my body pretty gross right now.
5. I forget how I really don't enjoy the newborn phase comparatively speaking to other ages.
6. I secretly would be thrilled over an "oops" pregnancy.
7. I would throw up if I actually became pregnant because it would be such a bad idea.
8. I enjoy having surgery because I ~love~ being put under.
9. I text way, way, way too much.
10. Many of my roller derby girl teammates honestly terrify me.

The next is the Lemonade Stand Award.

These are given to bloggers for great attitude and gratitude. Nothing to "do" for this award, except link to the person who gave it to you (It was Kimbosue) and forward it on to 10 other bloggers (see end of post).

The last was from Kimbosue again, (thank you hun!) and it's the "10 quirks about you" Meme. Forward it on to 10 other bloggers (see end of post) and obviously, give your list of 10 quirks.
1. I always write a little extra "thing" when signing my name. It's barely visible, but it's on every single signature ever.
2. I type as I would speak. My enunciation are done with tildas (~) and quotation marks. And my stupid little comments I make are written as my tons of parenthetical statements.
3. I have a crush on Gordon Ramsey.
4. I love watching Top Gear on BBC America.
5. Water on the floor of the bathroom, outside our shower, really pisses me off.
6. I hate to unload the dishwasher.
7. I love to write on graph paper.
8. I hold my breath when passing someone else in a hallway.
9. I can run miles and miles on a treadmill or outside, but stationary bikes kick my ass.
10. I'm a freak about balancing my checkbook to the penny. Even having online banking, I still keep my own record of my books and I'll sit for hours and hours to balance it.

Now, for the passing on. I'm going to list 10 bloggers and they get to pick whatever award they want to do (or just choose to not do any of them!). I think all these girls are 'worthy' of any of them, so I certainly don't need to distinguish one award from another.
Chicklet, Lori, Tobacco Brunette, Callie, Dot, Sarah, Sara, Jenn, Pam and MrsSpock.


jenn said...

#3 & #4 of the second list...

Oh yeah!

Oddly enough this has been sitting taunting me to fill out- I really need to get on this shit!

Ali said...

Ditto on your #10 quirk - Adam totally makes fun of me!

Sara said...

I am so excited! Thanks Nancy - now I need to go work on my "shoutout" post!

Ella said...

#10 on the second list - I am the same way, I am so obsessive about balancing my checkbook!

Sarah R said...

Sweet! Thanks, Nancy! I am so honored.

You are so not an ugly duckling. You're beautiful! Don't think anything less than that. ;)

Wait, isn't it normal to balance your checkbook in the register anymore? I have to know if mine is right and I won't rely on the computer to tell me. It also has to be to the penny. Something is off right now and it's driving me nuts because I can't figure out what it is! At least the bank is saying I have more money than the register is saying and not the other way around. If DH would stop using the fucking debit card so much I could let everything clear so I could compare the daily balances! URGH.

Amanda said...

I tagged you for "Honest Scrap", too. :-)

I don't understand people who don't balance their checkbook to the penny. Mr. W just rounds his up. WTF?!?!

Not in the Water said...

Hey...Thanks for the comment...I have my medical records that says I have 5 frozen. She has like $4000 of mine that I could really use right now!!!

I hope it's my month too but it's wed night and I feel crampy and uncomfortable down there...don't want to go to the b-room

Beautiful Mess said...

Congrats on the awards! I tagged a few bloggers and got em both I text WAY too much, also. I usually have to delete my texts twice a day. But it's FREE and so fun :D

Wordgirl said...

Hi Ms. Nancy --

and THANK you -- that put a smile on my face -- and I love knowing more about you...I can't imagine you an ugly duckling -- you're a total swan...and it makes me shake my head thinking anyone might terrify you ---I LOVE graph paper too -- not sure why...

You're one of the most refreshingly honest people I've ever met. I *puffy heart* you -- (I stole that from you)