Sunday, February 1, 2009


~ You girls know eden, right? She switched identities so I'm totally unsure of what to call her and babyboy now (eden, please email me with the correct answers), but she's one of the most beloved bloggers out there, one of the handful of girls (who should totally know who they are - J, C, P, etc) who I would literally drop everything and fly out to their house if they needed me. But she sent me a big box of her babyboy's clothes and when I dress karl in one of them, well, I feel this weird kinship. Weird because it's cool and I didn't know I could feel this way over some hand-me-downs. It just makes her more "real" to me. And that's fucking really cool.

~ Speaking of hand-me-downs, Jenn is going to *soon be receiving a very special package of Ella and/or Allie clothes. I am a ~freak~ about baby clothes. I'm a tad vain and don't buy anything cheap. Now, I don't mean cheap=inexpensive, but cheap=poorly made or material I don't find super soft. I'm also big on soft material and will feel everything before I buy. I RARELY buy anything at walmart, kohls, BRU because the material sucks most of the time. Which means, all my girls' clothes are baby gap or old navy. I also don't dig "baby" looking clothes, like ducks or teddy bears on them (for the most part, I do have some that are cute), instead, I like shrunken adult clothes. Most of the stuff I have are things I would wear if in my size. Lots of punk rock things and stuff like that. Of course I have tons of baby looking things too, but I'm trying to make a point here. Anywho, to make a short story even longer - I'm meticulous about cleaning the clothes and pitch things when stained. So all my hand-me-downs are in close to perfect condition and all packed away in storage in airtight containers. I am going to get down there soon (she's due in 62 days!) and pull together a package of my favorites for her little girl, caiden. I can only hope that when she dresses caiden in any of the clothes I send, she feels that same kinship I have for Eden.
* soon in NancyLand can be tomorrow or in 6-8 weeks.

~ I have to get on the ball and get some pressing things done. Seriously, I have a shitload of things to get done, but the tramatized birth experience followed by hardcore pneumonia at 2 weeks postpartum - the tasks have been piling up. They include the next few bullets.

~ Jendeis, from the blog Sell Crazy Someplace Else, won the baby pool for karl's birth and I promised an "insanely fucking fantastic" prize, which I plan to deliver. So Miss Jendeis, I need your address. Can you please email it to me? (email is in my profile).

~ Tori, from the blog The Winding Road To Parenthood, is also someone who I have something to send, yet I never followed through. Right when I was sending it, she stopped cycling but now she's in the midst of a new RE and the clomid challenge test to see if she can go through IVF#4 (her first 3 cycles were cancelled at various stages due to lack of response and other factors). So Tori, can you email me your address too?

~ Shit. I still have Pam's, from BloodSigns, little token gift I haven't sent. Shit, shit, shit. I got sidetracked when I found a book print to send her and never sent the original idea.

~ The Captain's Wife, from Staying Above the Water, is due today! She's being an awesome trooper and simply waiting without crying for an induction. Good girl. She sent me a baby gift and I want to return the favor, but damn it, she was on of "those" who didn't find out the baby's sex so I have to wait for the birth. But since I'm making my to-do list right here and now, I needed to add her here - although I am ~not~ late in sending anything. Well, I'm not late yet.

~ Baby announcements. I STILL haven't even ordered them yet. Wow, I suck. I didn't do xmas cards this year because I was sending out announcements instead. And here I am, 3 weeks later and nothing. I suck.

~ THANK YOU for all the comments so I can add you to my blog reader. I'll be doing that next, so you all have a new reader!

My blog is getting BORING. When was the last time I pissed someone off? When was the last time I was sarcastic? When was the last time I was thought provoking? Okay. I am making a deal with myself - time to get ~nancy~ back into her blog that isn't all baby-this or i'm-so -sick-that. I've missed her. Have you?


JamieD said...

Well, Nancy, you've got about the best excuse EVER for being behind on errands. I'm sure everyone will forgive!

And,sure, maybe you haven't pissed anyone off lately but I am sure that is due to the acute blood loss. But don't worry, judging by your last post you're still dripping with sarcasm! You've still got it!!

Motel Manager said...

When you piss people off, we'll know you're feeling better!

Where are you ordering birth announcements from? One of my friends just suggested an Etsy merchant: I may check them out.

jenn said...

Nancy- I ~puffy heart~ you to death! You are seriously the sweetest/snarkiest/most awesome bloggy buddy I could ever have hoped to make (even if we didn't 'met' through blogs!)

You know I will think about you & the girls every single time I put something on her! I already do every time I open her closet door & see the adorable toys & that sweet little jumper! I already know that we have the same style & thoughts when it comes to baby clothes- on that note I have actually been slacking on something for you- well, really for Karl! I will have to get that out to you by the weekend, before he outgrows it!

And holy crap- Does it really say 62 freaking days!!!! That really is only 2 months left! That is so soon!

jenn said...

Oh- and if you need any help with the birth announcements- let me know. I can rock some Photoshop....

The Captain's Wife said...

Nancy- my gift to you does not require a return gift! (although I never turn away presents!)

I owe you a lot as far as my thoughts on induction go...had I not read your thoughts about it, striking me to do a bit more research I probably would be begging for one right now. So thank you for your thoughts on the subject.

I am trying to just go with the flow of nature. If/when the Dr. says it's time to talk induction or C section...we'll cross that bridge then..

And not knowing the gender to totally F'ing killing me now! I so want to call this kid by his or her name already!!

Elana Kahn said...

LOL I'm sure the old Nancy is in there somewhere. Sorry I don't have any baby clothes to send...I don't have any period! :-) I also don't have your address. Hmmm I'll figure something out.

nancy said...

TheCaptainsWife - First of all, I know your gift doesn't require a return gift! BUT, I like to give gifts. So there. By the way - inductions on the past due, I totally agree with. Maybe not at 40w1d, but by 41w? Hell yeah! :)

Elana - girl, you don't need to send me diddly! :) But if you need my addy, just email me and I'll get it to you pronto!

Ella said...

Heya - thanks for the lesson, I fixed the site feed thingy on my blog. Thanks for reading! Oh, and I think your sarcasm is just as strong as ever, and I *heart* it.

Lisa said...

Nancy, it seems like you are starting to feel better. The reason I can tell is that you are kicking yourself in the butt and wanting to piss someone off!!

Thanks for adding me to your reader and for the comment. Good luck with the to-do list!!

Seriously? - Erin said...

You have your hands full, I don't think anyone will hold any of it against you. I am thinking about pre-ordering my baby announcements so I can get the envelopes now and start working on them... maybe that will help me get them out before his first birthday (I'm a procrastinator).

Jenera said...

On the clothes topic, my brother and his fiance sent some clothes for both kids right after christmas and there was this hoodie for Aidan that looked exactly like something my brother would wear. It is so cute! I asked my soon to be SIL if my brother picked it out and she said no, she did because it reminded her of him.

Sam has a bunch of cute clothes like that and I can't wait until he grows into 'em.

MrsJoyner said...

Thank you for your comments..I feel special because you read my blog..Wowie..Answers to your questions..

-Yep, allergic to dog saliva because I Awesome McAwesome-Pants
-I don't sleep with a knife on a daily basis, just when my husband works overnight, and I am the LIGHTEST sleeper so if she ever came in the room, I would know, plus, it's not where she can access it easily, but I can
-If we got another gun, it would be kept in the locked safe, that is on a high shelf in our closet, completely out of anyone but an adults reach. I would never want to put anyone in harms way.
-And Im sorry about the no sex for weeks and weeks, but in return you do get a rockin baby and way too cool pneumonia (wait...maybe just the rockin baby part would've been enough).
-Is this return comment long enough? I do believe so :)

Hollie said...

Sounds like you are getting back to yourself again. Love it! I need your address so I can send you an announcement. Email is in my profile.

Kelly said...

I missed adding my name/blog to your reader on the last post so I'll leave a comment on this post. Also, I'd love to hear more about how you set up your breastfeeding/pumping schedule as I'd like to do the same. As a 1st time mom, I'm clueless as to how to BF or pump or when or how often. ~blush~

areyoukiddingme said...

Thanks for being all boring, so I could get some of my housework done...except that you had 3 posts, which I was then compelled to read! Now I know why I still have laundry to do...because even when you're "boring," you're still eminently readable!

docgrumbles said...

oh, give it time and I am sure you'll find a way to piss someone off!

Michelle said...

Dang girl you crack me up. Don't ever think you aren't you..cuz you are :P I still get your sarcasm left and right (Sorry it's a saying of my mom's apparently I just picked up and didn't realize it till I finished typing this all out! WTH!)on this blog of yours. Sick or not...with some of these things you say...I wouldn't have notice. :P