Thursday, February 5, 2009


~ Some of you girls suck! (meant with all the love possible, of course!).

Bubble bursting left and right! Sheesh! I said for no compliments, but you didn't have to go and tell me how it's just not going to last! Or that it was just cause I was sick (although I wasn't intensinally sick and I was still eating regular amounts.) Remember that whole "if you don't have anything nice to say" thing? ~wink~

Yeah, yeah, so it may not last. But right now, it's working so I'm proud of myself. You wouldn't tell someone who was simply on a diet because they were overweight that "it won't last" when they were happy they saw results. Nor would you tell a terminally ill person "it's not going to last" when they are happy they are feeling better.

So. I'm going to pretend I didn't read any of the negative~esque comments and I'm just going to be happy that I'm wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans and small t-shirts. So there! (nanny nanny boo boo!!) If I gain it back for some odd reason, you can all comment on how you told me so. Okay?

~ Margelina - you asked me about my tattoo process. Your comment was: "Doing it in stages would KILL me! That's why I get one complete image at a time, so I have something final to look at :)Just curious to much money is it costing you? Do you pay for each session, or one fee total? Since mine is so gradual, I pay per image/design...but I tip awesomely because I heart my guy!!"

Yes, doing it in stages does kill me, but when you get a tattoo that takes four 3 hour sessions, I can't really do anything about that. We usually do most of outline in first 3-4 hours and then take 3 hour coloring sessions. After 3-4 hours, my skin doesn't take the ink too well and will start to get hot, bleed and reject it, so that's about as long as my skin will allow in a sitting.

Cost. Due to it's not a friend doing our ink anymore and we're still pretty "new" as far as customers go, we were simply paying the shop rate of $120/hour. Then I tip another $100 for every session, making it $460/session. Now that we've gone quite a few times and my husband has 3 HUGE pieces going, we're getting small deals, down to $100/hour, but that's it for now. I paid $400 for Tuesday's appointment. For 13 hours, I'll be paying about $1780? Something like that?

My next appointment is the 28th with another artist there, who is doing my coverup above the one I'm getting now. I have at the most, maybe 6 hours left for that. Then I'll have my next lower arm appt 2 weeks after that. We're using our tax refund for our ink this year, after that money is gone, we're done for quite awhile. Well, until Sept when Ella goes into kindergarten so our daycare costs won't be as hefty.

~ I just got up, took a shower, got me and karl ready and headed out to our pediatrician appointment. Only to realize our appointment wasn't until next week. I'm awesome.

~ I did our bills, budgeted for the next month, balanced our checkbook, did our taxes and finished Ella's kindergarten enrollment packet yesterday. Today, I'm mailing out Jendeis's fucking fantastic prize, Pam's silly gift I've been meaning to send for months and Tori's cycling gift. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to our storage unit and get all the baby girl clothes I want to send Jenn. I also have some braces bunch mail to get out, but one step at a time, eh?

~ Give some love to Kymberli who is in beta hell right now. 11dp3dt beta = 13 & 13dp3dt beta = 25. If you remember, my 11dp3dt beta was 15, 3 days later it only being 43. So I am suddenly in the "low betas can still be good" world where I never was before. But I am a living, breathing testament to how a low beta can be okay when the numbers continue to double on time. Hell, I've got the proof sucking on my nipple right now as I type. (boppies rule). So I am wishing all the good luck possible for her (and Meg) right now.

~ My girl Chicklet could use some love too. Although she is probably right with her answer at 12dpIUI, I'm still hoping the pregnancy gods can do some magic.

~ Luck and good wishes to Emily, whom I'm addicted to reading right now. She got 14 follicles retreived, but in the 1st half, found most of them were NOT mature. So this time, they waited and let them hang out overnight, where many of the 2nd half matured still in their shells. They have ~6~ embryos growing now, waiting for transfer tomorrow. I'm hoping the immature issue ~was~ their issue and why they never got good numbers before. Now they have a handful of them and have way better chances. Transfer is tomorrow!

~ Congrats to Julie, who had a great u/s yesterday. She miscarried her last pregnancy, so this is a huge milestone to get to. Congrats Julie!!!


Jendeis said...

Yay! So excited!

calliope said...

I am amazed at all you get done. Totally in awe.
As for the weight loss- Rock out with your thin out, lady! woo!

emilythehopeless said...

ugh yeah getting my entire back done took forfreakingEVER.. 5 sessions.. by the last time i was soooo incredibly sick of getting my back tattooed. ugh. i was actually getting twitchy.. which is very weird for me, i'm usually completely stoic. fortunately steve was doing some web design stuff for my guy so it was way cheaper.. i got TONS done by that guy for way less than it was worth.. he did my wrists, entire back, stomach, chest. tons. i miss him! i don't know anyone where we live now.. which SUCKS. but we're spending all our damn money on IVF anyway. sigh. thanks for the luck and the socks!! wait till you see the socks someone sent me today.. hilarious! i'll wear yours again on beta day..

ps: you look awesome ;)

Kymberli said...

Whether it stays or continues to go, you are one hot mama and I can only WISH to look as good not pregnant as you did fully pregnant. in fact, why do I look pregnant when I'm not pregnant (or am I)? The mind boggles.

Thank you so much for swinging some support my way. Before you even posted your betas I had it in my mind to dig back through your blog and find your numbers, because I remembered that Karl started out with scary-low betas. You two are an inspiration to me, and I am praying fiercely for a similar story.

areyoukiddingme said...

Sorry about the bubble bursting...but in my defense, I figured that you and I both know that you will still be skinny next year, and the year after that, and so forth. You know, roller derby, and motivation and all.

And yeah, given that I'm such a dork, I probably would tell the person on the diet that it wouldn't last. And the terminally ill person, yep, I'd be bursting their bubble too. No tact, that's me. To think, my aunt wanted me to be a diplomat. Hah!

So, you rock, skinny girl!

Mareike said...

have I told you recently that I fucking love you?

Sharon said...

Enjoy those skinny jeans and tiny-T's.

I was wondering about your tattoos - do you find that people judge you/them?? I know it probably wouldn't worry you, but I wondered if you got negative stuff from people?

I have a few and I find that people do look down on people with tatts (or that could be my paranoia).

I have actually gone as far as having a few laser treatments to remove mine (couple of years ago - too expensive now)... maybe I should just get them coloured back in and get over it.(an option I have been thinking about)

jenn said...

Holy crap- you got all that done today? I am astounded & ashamed that I want to nap more than anything right now & can barely get it together to go to dinner at Tom's friends house tonight.

(and I totally think you can toot away- being lower than your pre-pregnancy weight at not even 4 weeks pp is freaking awesome!

margelina said...

Thanks for the anser, Nancy! My guy gives me pretty big discounts, too, since I always go back to him, and I have referred tons of people to him. So far, I haven't paid more than $100 per design, plus tip. PLus...he customs all mine, they aren't off of any page, so woo-hoo for me. Around here, though, it seems to vary so freaking much depending on who you get and at which shop. I know people who have paid major bank for tiny things! I can't wait to see your finished product!!!

nancy said...

margelina - my guy draws all ours too. Well, our two guys. We go to two guys depending on the type. For the coverup, I go to aaron, who rocks in the coverup department and he's an awesome realistic artist. Want anything to look real? Go to him. For my lower arm, I go to Chris cause I like the ultra colorful, almost cartoon look.

I miss the guy I used to go to, he'd only charge me 1/2 of what I pay now. Sucks to be one of the regular customers!

So - $100/design? Jesus. How many hours does he work on you for only $100???

Jenera said...

I think it's great you are losing weight and back to pre-pregnancy clothes and stuff. I was about a week after having Sam. Some of mine has come back a bit but that has to do with constipation LMAO. I get flack from people when I lose weight and get negative feedback. Oh well. Once you get back into roller derby you know it'll be gone for good!

And wow, I love me some tattoos but I don't I will ever spend that much on a tattoo! My hubby has one that his late brother did that probably would equal $1000 but we didn't have to pay for it. The most I have spent on tattoo is $400 and it's for a lion on my back that took about 3 hours.

You are way cooler than me.

nancy said...

Sharon - yup, some people judge me for them. And some people look down on me. Due to the pre-judgement, I do cover them up when I need to (work, formal things, etc). I would never hide them, but I do choose to cover them up. Total difference.