Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Just a reminder I put all of Karl updates over at my other blog, TheOtherLifeOfNancy. I just put a huge post about "what to register for" that may be of some help to mommies pregnant with their first.

And read the post right after this one. I don't want that one to not get read because I put a post on top of it!


eden said...

Your Michael Phelps Bong Hit post is classic Nancy.

Freakin' hilarious.

And OMG about the ambulance ride with your daughter! Seriously, sending you some chill out vibes from down here. You have been through so much lately, Chrissake mate.

How bout some boring for the
Nancy tribe??


JamieD said...

Thanks! That will definitely come in handy

Morgan said...

I would flip the fuck out if my child swallowed a penny...I know it's going to hurt coming out too! poor thang! On the bright side, if it lands in the toilet head side up it's goodluck LOL!