Tuesday, November 20, 2007

4th post today!

The 3rd one sucked really bad, so I'm going to go ahead and update you all on the ttc front.

~ I am on cd5 of the heaviest AF of the history of Nancy. Only second to postpartum bleeding, this is really bad. The extra estrogen must have really worked this time as I cannot believe the amounts here. I actually had to buy a box of supers. I've always used regular and to be honest, could leave one of those in for 12 hours without incident. But this time, omg! A super ever 2 hours. It's since gotten better and back to a "regular" flow for me, but still. I usually don't even have 5 day long cycles! By today, I'm usually over and done with.

~ Nurse called to schedule the HSS. Next Monday, the 26th at some god awful hour of 7am or something. Yuck.

~ I know I have to tab this cycle, but I wonder what they'll have me do. Is it just a tab from treatment? Or is it an absolute no-no to get pregnant? Will they make me abstain? Use protection? I'm afraid if they don't ~tell me~ to make sure I do NOT get pregnant, I will still 'accidentally try'. What are the chances anywho? Slim to none! But I know me and I won't want to sit out if not told not to. Then again, I wouldn't want to jeopardize any pregnancy at all, so I will probably puss out at the last moment in fear of doing harm. If a miracle happened and then the unthinkable happened, I would know it was my fault and I couldn't handle that well. And I shouldn't handle that well.

Alrighty - that's that. I sure was wordy today.


jenn said...

i couldn't even get through 3 before 4 was up! i definitely feel your pain on the heavy super long af- thankfully it's not this cycle- but 2 cycles ago it was AWFUL! think a super in 20-30 minutes! that sucked. i'm glad yours is better.

if i were you i would ask if i was to specifically NOT get pregnant this cycle. that way you won't second guess or beat yourself up later. what if they say- no problem, go for it...

Swim said...

OMG. I read you post about the grammer police and I've been lucky not to get a ticket yet.

Your posts always make me smile.

Mind if I add you to my blogroll?

nancy said...

Jenn - that's because 3 was so ridiculously long and lame that I had to write 4 before anyone could get through 3! :) And in regards to asking - that's what I'm going to do. I just couldn't allow myself to think the aspect of not saying one thing means I can do the other!

Swim - thank you :) And of course you can add me. But that's only if you realize that means I'll be reading yours daily!

Frank N. Beans said...

Woof! I have to admit that I am always curious about people who "troll" an IF blog. Seems like a strange venue. Anyway, I always appreciate your comments and support, so I just wanted to return the favor!