Monday, November 5, 2007

Thank you for all the well wishes!

I appreciate all your comments on hoping I feel better! Nothing much has changed. I am still quite crampy and uncomfortable. It gets painful at times, but it's not really overbearing. I'm just trying to take it easy and counting down the days it'll be until I get it removed on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy..well bless your little heart. If it gets too bad you can just "deflate" yourself, LOL...poor lady. Not you, but the one your dr was talking about. I'd hate to know what she'd call it if she ever got preggers and her water broke. HaHa.
Anyways, I'm so glad to hear your surgery went well!! Since the time has changed today has gone by fast for me, i only hope it goes quicker for you! Again, I'm happy things went well for you and I hope the "third times the charm". Keep us updated and until then ill be keeping you in my thoughts! :)

JJ said...

Been thinking about you! Sorry for the pain and discomfort--hope you are feeling better!