Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I have to get it done today.

I have to switch insurance plans from my coverage to my husband's coverage. It'll be a tad less expensive in our biweekly pre-tax payments (i was so wrong in how much I paid before. It was only $72/paycheck and a family is $130, but his charge is $92), the coverage is a lot less (80% coverage instead of my 90%), the deductible is a lot more ($250 instead of my $100) and the max out of pocket is horribly worse ($2,500 instead of my $1,000) but his covers INFERTILITY.

Damn. I can't believe I'm even thinking of this as a gamble. 4 IUIs or 1 IVF will cover the max out of pocket and then I'm covered 100%. But if I happen to actually become ~pregnant~ (yeah, right) without IVF or before 4 IUIs, I'm out of luck. The gamble didn't work and I'm stuck paying $1,500 more than I would have. Wait. I just got perspective. $1,500 gamble on possible $50,000 payoff (3 fresh and 3 FETs). $1,500 isn't a lot in the long run. I can suck it up this year if all fails, right? I'll put that much into my HCRA and just get it done with.

I guess I should just go and get it done. Right now. "Just Do It", right? (by the way, I hate Nike).

Whew. I did it. I feel like throwing up a bit, but I did it.


JJ said...

Yes, just dooooooo it ;)

hoping for a child said...

thanks for your contribution to my blog...someone else's exposed man juice belongs on the list of don'ts. i've just learned my doctor will only give me two rounds of clomid with insemination before he pushes me to do IVF. Since my insurance doesn't cover it and we don't have the 20k i'm told it costs, i'll have to switch to my husband's insurance...and of course there is only a small window during the year in which the insurance will accept me. sucks. i feel like all we do is battle insurance companies.