Tuesday, November 20, 2007

derby foot.

This is my foot directly after taking off my skates from a two hour workout.

See the "thing" on the right side? It's a bone spur from pushing on my foot in a whole new way from skating hard in a circle.

Terribly disgusting, eh? And you wouldn't believe how painful it is too!


Anonymous said...



BethH6703 said...

the only thing I can say to that is... ouch!

got drugs? TAKE 'EM!

nancy said...

lol Beth! I was going to use "Foot On". Apply directly to the foot.

(i hope you get that joke, or I'll look insane)

BethH6703 said...

yup, I got it. And, since you brought it up...

Leno did a parody of it one night (shocking, huh?)... Ass On, Apply Diretcly to Your Ass... with the accompanying video being of a woman rubbing a HUGE burger with all the fixin's on her ass. Classic Leno! Love It Love It LOVE IT!

chicklet said...

Ack,that looks terrible!