Thursday, November 15, 2007


While I really ~love~ the last post and all the comments that have gone with it - and I would love to keep it up top to keep it going, I do have something else to say.

I love getting dressed in the morning because I get to pick out a fancy bra to wear. I LOVE having boobs now. That $4,875 was the best money invested. I get to pick out non-padded bras now and they are so fucking cute! Just for the knowledge of those who weren't on my last blog during the big boob surgery of '06 ... I was down to an A- cup. Seriously. I had nothing. nada. zippo. So I bought some - only a small C cup, even a large B cup in some types of bras, so it's nothing outrageous. In fact, I get the shock and awe of "omg - those are the best fakes I've ever seen" all the time. Now - they could just all be lying, but it seems really genuine, so I choose to trust them. :) Anywho. I love them. And I love my bras. And I wanted to say it since I don't say too many silly happy things lately.

Okay, so it wasn't important to say, but that last post and its comments have made me giddy.

(good lord. Now I'm all paranoid over it's and its).


jamie said...

I *love* the giddy feeling it's awesome. I really love pretty bras too although before I had bubs I had a large D cup so I could never get the cute ones but something about having a baby sucks the boobs right off of your chest. So now I can get all of the cute designs and such. No more grandma bra for me. Let me just say that corsets are super fun too. I heard this great term the other day for saggy boobs that I thought I would share while it's all fun and games on the life of nancy. I was talking to this lady about how saggy I had gotten since I had the baby and she looked at me all crazy and said "It's not saggy hun it's pendulous" Ha like the pit and the pendulum. I though I was gonna die. Cheers to the good vibes!

hoping for a child said...

can't relate to your current boob situation...i'm jealous. thanks for your comment on my blog. i've decided to go home for thanksgiving so i'm just taking clomid and not doing the insemination which means i'll miss the ultrasound too and won't know how many follicles i'll have. kinda scary. we are gonna try it naturally (plus clomid) and see how it goes. best to you and your boobs.