Tuesday, November 20, 2007

3 a day

keeps the boredom away!

Yup, my 3rd blog in one day! Wow!!! (heh. too bad these are not the most exciting things in the world. Although personally, I do believe my family's pictures to be important since I have a personal stake in them! Oh, and my nasty foot picture was pretty up there on the disgusting chart!)

I just have some random comments to make. Much of it is explanation of myself in regards to how I do things. Do I ~need~ to explain? Nope. But I'm going to spend some time doing it, so maybe I can counteract some of the extra reading I am forced to do.

I think I'm done publishing a certain anon's comments for now. I mention the whole "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all, ~especially~ anonymously" thing and I get back a whole "you wouldn't say anything to me anyway, since I'm just a name to you" in return.

Oy vey.

#1. When I get a comment from ANYONE, I read through them and do appreciate them (well, the non-rude ones).

1A. If there is a link to the commenter's blog - I ~always~ go there and read. I usually put them in my 'favorites' list too, so I can continue to read. I don't always comment on their blog right away though. I would like to, but if they hadn't posted in over a week or if I don't really understand what is happening in their world at the moment or it's inappropriate for me to chime in (ie: it's a blog talking about how hard it is to see people with children, I'm not really the person to be comforting them, even though my heart feels for them). See, I don't comment JUST to comment. I like to say things when I really mean it. Even if it's a quick reply from me, I ~mean~ it. So maybe I don't comment immediately, but I will.

1B. If there is a question asked, I'll try to answer in a comment. If there is something that the reader misunderstood, I try to explain it. These are the kinds of comments I will usually answer in line right away.

1C. If I get a reply where I thought it was beyond expected, I will reply with a thanks. For instance - IFers commenting on my children. This is something that many people couldn't reply to. Not that they don't want to, but that it's hard for them. So when I see a response to something of that nature, I want to let them know how much I do appreciate it. OR if there is some extra support given to me when I'm really down and was touched by the responses, I'll give a "thanks".

1D. I usually don't reply to "normal" comments that most people give. Now, this does ~not~ mean the comments aren't appreciated - good lord no! I ~puffy heart~ comments and appreciate each and every one (except the rude ones, of course. But even then, sometimes they are funny!). But replying to every comment on every post would become too much. Not too much to do, but too much as in it would end up being insincere. See, blogs are here, at least mine is, to get support. So responding to each and every comment would be like sending a thank you note for receiving a thank you note. The aspect of it being accepted and posted is the recognition I give. And I also give back by leaving as many heart felt comments back to the community as I can. Comment here? I'm going to read your blog. Plain and simple. And eventually, if not that very moment, it will be my turn to return the favor of support.

#2. The Grammar Cop did ~not~ bother me! I explained how I understood how things like that bother some more than others. So even though I may not point things like that out, I can understand it. (I've received some comments regarding the fact I was upset about the whole thing. But I wanted to correct the assumption that I was upset over the aspect of the actual bad grammar being pointed out, which I wasn't. I was upset that it jacked me all up as part of the aftermath of thinking about the rules too much)

#3. Anonymous comments. I get some rude ones every now and again. Sometimes I think they are funny and I publish them. Sometimes they are simply too rude to give them the time of day. Long gone is time when there was an ongoing "feud" of sorts, but that has all been worked out (I hope) and put to bed. There is always the random ones out there that many have to deal with though. I don't think anyone can escape it.

#4. I'm not in Jr high. Sure, I do enjoy some stupidity in an anon war of words every now and again - which is, in itself, quite childish, I'll admit. But it's done to amuse myself. It is my blog, right? But back to Jr High. What I won't do is continue to allow the same anon comments, over and over. Give me new information if you want to continue talking with me. But once I'm bored with the same topic, said over and over and over, I'm done. Maybe it could have kept my attention in Jr High, but I certainly don't give a crap about "boohoo - you don't like me" comments anymore. Snore.

#5. I don't think there is a number five. And this has gotten to be long enough. Who reads things this long?

#6. Guess what? I didn't proof read!


The Town Criers said...

I read the whole thing :-) Just because...um...you were wondering...who...um...

nancy said...

You know, I feel a little guilty when my posts are long and really lame! Like a long book with a crappy ending :)

Jenera said...

Why feel guilty if they are long? Like you said, it's YOUR blog. If people don't like it, they don't have to read. HOnestly, I'd rather see a good long post that is interesting that a short and sweet one that is too vague. It allows you to get 'involved' with your fellow bloggers.

Also, half the time I don't proof read. I even forget to spell check a good part of the time. Oh well, who cares, right?

Anonymous said...

I think that if people are commenting that you don't comment to them, then they must not be giving you a reason to comment to them. Wow, that was a tongue twister with all the "comments". Anyways, I really think if people are leaving anonymous comments about how you dont like them, they must REALLY like you, lol. They are just wanting attention from you, or a "rise" out of you. It's like picking a fight with your husband just to get a "rise" out of him. Silly, I know..but some people crave things like that.