Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I got an anonymous comment on the last post about my use of "it's" and "its" and how if I learned to use it right, my blog would be easier to read.

At first I was a little "I don't use it wrong" and I looked through it. My goodness. In one sentence I used it wrong twice! Okay. So I do know the difference. Really, I do. I was actually an english minor for a short time. (no smart ass remarks).

So now I feel like I have to defend myself. Not that I ~have~ to, but now I want to.

#1 - I'm a fast typer.
#2 - I rarely EVER proof read. As I'm sure you can tell.
#3 - I do a few things that I completely know to be wrong. ie: my use of parenthetical phrases is beyond too much. I also capitalize randomly which is quite annoying to some. I start sentences with So and And and many other wrongeties. And I make up my own words.
#4 - I just started to use spellchecker and still quite frequently forget. It goes back to #2.

To be perfectly honest, I find the act of proof reading monotonous. I figure anyone reading my writing can read right through typos and mistakes, because that's what I do when I read. Yeah, some things bother me big time ("loose" for "lose" is a biggie) but it's something I just read through. But, I understand typos and common mistakes can drive some people completely crazy and I can appreciate it. I can't promise I'll get it all right, because I don't see how proof reading will become a part of my life after 35 years, but I will try!


Angela said...

Oh fun! Attack of the Grammar Nazis! It's always a major boost of the ego when the only thing someone can find that's wrong with you is a couple of misused words.


Katarina Jelly Beana said...


Really?? Who are these persnickety people who have such time on their hands? I have some laundry that needs to be done if they need a hobby.

It isn't as though you are going through and writing things like "U R 2 KEWL!!" or other true monstrosities (although you are welcome to if you choose).

It's a BLOG. Not a school assignment. Not a missive to the Pope. Not even a newspaper article. It's a diary entry that you allow others to read. And thank you for doing so. I love reading it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry in advance if this comes across as rude, because I know a lot of people are rude to you, but I have to ask you something that's been bothering me for awhile.

I was on the TTC boards with you when you were trying to conceive your 2nd baby and I seem to recall that it took you TWO cycles to conceive her. I even remember that you were disappointed about it not happening on the first try.

Just to confirm that I wasn't going crazy, I checked your family website and your story about your 2nd pregnancy confirms this fact. Just curious why you always say that it only took you 1 cycle. I know it happened quickly and that was a surprise. And not trying to nit-pick - 1 cycle vs. 2 cycles - not a huge difference. But I notice how much you like to correct inaccuracies so I thought I should point this one out to you.

nancy said...

angela and katarina - as you can see on the comment right below yours, there are some people who go through ~great lengths~ to pour over my writing to find things wrong to point out. It's been happening for a VERY long time.

Because I like to point out innaccuracies like, oh, how fucking OVULATION happens, they think they need to find any "error" I ever make, even though those are NEVER the kind of innaccuracies ~I~ point out. But, I know it's someone I've probably corrected before (not the grammar one) so they are probably all up in a bother about it trying to get "back" at me. When you have to "apologize in advance if this comes off as rude" - it's fucking rude and they know it. I don't know why the admission of "sorry if it is" makes it okay to say. I've been very pubically outspoken on the webmd ttc boards when someone has something totally wrong and is giving out advice that newbies may take to heart and then repeat themselves. But to point out "um, hi - three years ago you said you went to the store on a tuesday, but I looked and researched and went back three years and you actually went to the store on a thursday!", isn't that just a little, um, strange? To go back THREE YEARS to point out an imagined innaccuracy?

nancy said...

oh, and anonymous...

you'll see in my family website that I said it took two months, but if you went on to READ the next paragraph, you'll see I only TRIED one month. I went off the minipill the first month and then TRIED the second month, so I got pregnant the FIRST month of trying.

I got disappointed the first month of not trying - after going through 18 months of IF with my first? That's quite a memory you have! Oct of 2004 and you remember my frame of mind? I highly doubt you are even remembering right - but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt (because it seems you have a very high stake in everything about me since you took the time to write and research about something you "don't mean to nit-pik" (um, that's what you are totally doing, so if you didn't mean to, good job!). Maybe I said something like "damn, BFN!" or something of the sort on the message board just to be typing posts to get in with the new group I was in and that is what you remember (or what you journaled about me?)

Carrie said...

LOL at Anon. Seriously, You are like famous Nancy. =]

Katarina Jelly Beana said...

I wondered where you picked up your lovely collection of stalkers, Nancy. Now I know where the action is.

I don't have that kind of time. I wonder how they manage to balance their insidious need for drama and the day to day tasks like boiling bunnies.

Anonymous said...

Okay, thanks for clearing it up. Hope you have a better day.

jamie said...

You better get this typo shit together or I am not going to come back! lol

nancy said...

Yeah, not a problem to clear that up. I hope it makes your day WAY better now that you know yourself! :)

btw - when I get all riled up on my blog, I'm not all pissed-off-stomping-around riled up. It's more like a mind rile. :)

nancy said...

omg jamie. this day is cracking my happy ass up. lol.

jennifercarol said...

You know, I noticed you didn't capitalize "grammar". It is the title of the blog, so shouldn't it be capitalized???

In all seriousness though, I'm simply shocked that anybody out there actually pays close enough attention to attempt to correct your grammar or tell you that you calculated the number of cycles it took to conceive Allison. I mean you're great and all, but who is sad enough to be paying that close of attention to every mundane about your blog and life?

BethH6703 said...

is this the return of the crazy anon stalkers??? please don't tell me I'm going to have to find you our in blogland again... perhaps the new NEW life? or maybe

Just a helpful suggestion from a smartass e-friend!

nancy said...

lol. See? it's fun. heh.

SaraS-P said...

Oh, come on. Anyone who can't get past minor errors is a grammar biggot to the extent of obsession.

Jewels said...

LOL, what a funny comment for someone to make about your grammar, I can barely read so I would hardly notice grammar mistakes, and certainly would never point it out to someone.
If your grammar bugs some people, they should read my blog, jebus, talk about mistakes. I'm the Poor Grammar Cracker Queen.