Friday, November 30, 2007

Nurse Called.

How how I love my nurses at my RE's. I need to remember to send two of them gift baskets (and I'm totally not just saying that. I will send them!)

Anywho - All is well. Although she said it's not 100% guaranteed I won't ovulate, if I do, 9-14 dpo is too early to cause harm to the implanted eggs, as it's not yet taking nutrients from the mother.

Huh. I've been trying to calm girls down who drank without knowing they were pregnant in those same days and told them the same exact thing for like 4+ years now. How in the world did I not apply it to myself? Even when my precious katbug told me the same thing today. (~smooch~ katie!)


Jen said...

That is good to know!

KatieM said...

It's because we know entirely too damn much about this's an empowering but crappy boat to be in all at once.

Have I mentioned that I ♥ you lately? I can't wait for both of us to get off this silly carnival ride!