Thursday, November 15, 2007

CRAMPS! (and diet update)

Oh. My. God.

Cramps. Just the regular ole menstrual cramps, but the kind that means impending doom. I am surprised every 5 minutes that she's not here already. Wow. Cramps. Don't have the backache though. But have the cramps. I'm wondering if it's due to so much estrogen I've taken for the past two weeks. Maybe my lining is 4 inches thick. heh.

Oh - and the pre-packaged diet is sucking the life out of me. Day 4 is coming to an end and I cheated already today. Not that I didn't have the intention of even eating my little planned lunch, but there was the BIG thanksgiving potluck today. Mmmm. Like 100 people are part of it which means 100 different dishes - and that is not including the turkey and ham. So I ate. I didn't eat a lot of anything, but I ate a little of everything. I tallied up my calories the best I could and my lunch was 1201.35 calories. It was the pumpkin pie & cool whip, the ham and the stuffing that did me in. My normal intakes for the 3 days before that was 1080-1300 calories in an ENTIRE day. Today, the total was 2,063.8 calories. sweet.

It'll be okay though. On derby days, I eat the 1100-1300 calories and use up about 750 of those working out. Roller skating your ass off while your entire body drips of sweat for 2 straight hours (believe me, few water breaks and no real resting) works those up. I simply used "rollerblading" for 90 minutes to get the 750 calories, but derby practice is 2 hours, but we take time to stretch and then do calisthenics, so I figure it's a fair assumption.

Too bad tonight wasn't a work out night - but I did pick up the house, cleaned the kitchen, gave baths to two squirmies, did about 3 louds of laundry, hauled out a pile of 30 pieces of clothing to dryclean (i do that when i get behind in ironing) and haven't sat down since I got out of bed this morning. The husband is out "with the boys" which means he's at the strip club. I showed him a picture of a girl on my team who is a stripper there to make sure he gives her the most of the money. It's nice what us derby girls do for one another, eh? heh. (strip clubs have never ever been intimidating for me. In fact, my derby team all went a few weeks ago and we saw a midget stripper. I got a picture of her on my lap. I really need to post that, don't I?)

I'm giving up on getting tired. I have issues relaxing at night and I even took an ambien and a xanax tonight (both given to me by my pcp for my insomnia issues) and I don't feel it at all. Stupid drugs. Why do some work so well on me while others, the ones I would LOVE for them to work, are like taking sugar pills? poop. Well, off to get that last load of laundry done!

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