Friday, November 30, 2007

Surgery is scheduled

Surgery is scheduled Dec 11th, which is cd26.

Which, in turn, causes me some panic. Up until now, even though I was on a TAB cycle, I was using my monitor, because this was a big test for "normal ovulation" for me. This birth control pills thing threw a wrench in it of course, but now I'm doing it just to see what happens. Think of it as a scientific experiment.

You experienced TTCers will understand all the technical stuff that comes next.

Because they didn't call me with my surgery date until cd13, I didn't start taking my pills until the next day. CD14, which was my first day of "high" on my monitor too. Now, for me, looking at all my past non medicated charts, my monitor usually gives me 5 days of "high" before a peak, which is my usual ovulation day. I sometimes O very late in non-medicated cycles, so that being followed, I wouldn't of ovulated until cd19 anywho. Now, if for some reason, taking bcps for 5 days before ovulation ~would have~ happened didn't stop it and by some fucking MIRACLE I ended up conceiving, this would put surgery on 8dpo.

Panic. Panic. Panic.

Just called my RE's nurse and told her I was panicing. Told her that if the pills didn't work and I did conceive by some miracle, it would put surgery in the middle of implantation. True, I'm having instruments put up my hooha, but it's not touching the sides, I'm getting a "snip the webbing" so it could happen. Yes, it would have to be a miracle, but it is possible.

So I consult Dr Google and get more paniced. But nowhere can I find "surgery coinciding with implantation". Just "early pregnancy". Ack. Panic.

Need nurse to call and calm me down.



Anonymous said...

Hey girl..don't stress too much! That would bother and worry me too to be honest with you! I hope she calls you back soon! Everything will be ok though! Smile :)


A said...

That is an interesting theory and not entirely off course either. I hope that you do get your miracle. I know this has been hard on you.

Carrie said...

I hope the nurse calls you back soon! Good luck with everything.

Kim said...

I'm glad that you're so on top of your 'schedule' enough to have caught that! And I'm glad you haven't given up hope that there's 'that chance'. I hope the nurse called back!

jenn said...

I'm glad your surgery is scheduled rather quickly & I know it will all be okay. Hope you got some good news & you know I always hope you get more.