Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I can't sleep, i type extraordinarily long comments & WOW

It's 12:38am right now and I think the cough medicine I took is making me feel wide awake when I should be sleeping. I tried to lay down but it felt like it was the middle of the day.

I'm awake and tomorrow is going to be a loooong day. Work. Thanksgiving lunch at the school. Finish the work day off at home. Pack for three people. Load up the car. As soon as hubby gets home, jump in the car and drive for 2+ hours. Awesome. Oh yeah, the day will start at the latest - 6am. 5 hours and 15 minutes from now. I'm stoked.

I have been using this time to catch up on some blog reading. And for many people's unfortunate dismay (as opposed to fortunate dismay), I've been commenting. Oh how I've been commenting. Some of my comments were longer that the post I was commenting on! (okay, an exaggeration there).

Maybe it's because I'm actually really tired but I can't recognize it. Maybe I'm punchy. But for whatever reason, there is quite a few of you who have a novel to read upon checking out your blog. I apologize if I went overboard and said a lot of useless nonsense. Or if I turned it into a comment about myself (ack. I tend to do this and it's simply despicable.) It's bad enough that I tend to type long comments when I'm not like this. I just noticed it's WAY worse tonight.

Can someone ~please~ tell my brain that it's time to go to sleep?

Something random. I hate when I use too many exclamation points! I know everything in online-land isn't so damned exciting! I need to stop using them! But when I don't use them, I feel like I'm making a point to ~not~ be excited about whatever I'm commenting on! (okay, those were just for show). You see, since tone can not be read obviously in most cases, I see the difference in these two sentences:

I'm really happy you were able to work out all of your issues.
I'm really happy you were able to work out all of your issues!

In type, the first seems like it's almost being sarcastic. The second one seems like I really am happy about the working of the issues. I know the exclamation point doesn't need to be used, but still, I use it. And I wince each and every time.


jenn said...

okay- I hope you've gone to bed by now, but if you haven't- then yikes for today!
have a wonderful turkey day & eat a ton so that triptophan (sp?) knocks you out cold!

soapchick said...

Hi Nancy - in response to your comment on my blog - my FSH was tested only once back in June and it was a 7.9 - so a pretty good number. In my case it's the low number of eggs and the quality of those eggs that has the doctor's concerned. In my last IVF they got 4 eggs - but only 2 fertilized and then those embryos turned into Grade B and C embryos, both with fragmentation. So if that happens again next time, well it's an indication of low ovarian reserve and perhaps the ones I have left are not good quality. However, I'm hopeful that the new drugs as well as the Dhea supplement will turn my ovaries around! Oh and it might be Gonal-F, I didn't hear her very well and so I just wrote down what I thought I heard!

chicklet said...

I should feel bad for you but I'm finding it kinda amusing:-)

Hope you get some sleep though...

jennifercarol said...

Well I hope you got a little sleep last night. I hope your busy Wednesday and holidays go well. Oh and take care of the foot...ewww! I bet it hurts!

Anonymous said...

99 bottles of beer on the wall...99 bottles of beer, take one down pass it around, 98 bottles of beer on the wall. It works! Lol

Amanda said...

I don't mind your usage of exclamation points!!!!! (my big vise is parentheses...oh...and ellipses.)