Monday, November 26, 2007

You all ~rule~.

Wow - I am astounded at the amount of comments I've received on my previous post. I don't have a blog like some others who get 40-50 comments on each posting, so seeing this many people take the time to give me a little support when I need it - I just wanted to tell you all it's appreciated. Thank you.

I know the surgery is necessary. I saw it myself on the ultrasound this morning and I understand it's importance. I know it's just a hiccup in my journey. I know it only means 3-4 more weeks of waiting than I originally thought. I know it will make my oven in better shape than it is now and it will give my buns a better chance at baking. I just thought the surgical part was over and done with. I thought I was on my way to actually ~trying~ to conceive instead of ~waiting~ to conceive. This will all soon be part of my past instead of my future. I'm simply disappointed to be stuck in my own present right now. I also know this is minor compared to things other people in our community are going through and for that, I will try to keep in mind how grateful I need to be and how lucky I really am.

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