Friday, April 18, 2008

I guess that makes me a moron.

Yeah, hurdle #6 is still waaay down the track - I haven't even cleared the bend yet.

Today's check was ~not~ to see if my lining was growing. Before we even started, my RE said "your lining will be very thin right now". And then I realized it's because letrozole is an estrogen inhibitor and that is why they were checking on follicle development, to see how much estrogen would be invading my system.

I have two follicles around 10-13 so he's not thrilled. Although, I never make lots of follies on letrozole, so why would he think differently? Anywho, the follicles should start producing estrogen, which the lining should start responding to because the letrozole DOES make the lining estrogen hungry. Since the follie development is less than stellar in his eyes, he did decide to add in ultra mega crazy dosage of delestrogen. It's a very potent form of estrogen (in oil) and is way better than taking estrace or the like.

I asked how this estrogen is different, because obviously my lining didn't respond when my E2 levels were in the thousands. Apparently it's not different, but he said this is why he gave me the letrozole - in hopes of making it respond better to the estrogen.

Next check is Monday morning. He said he'd normally wait a few more days to check on someone, but he wants to keep a close eye on me. That makes me feel better because if it's not where he thinks it should be, he could throw in something new to the mix. He said he had "lots of ways" to get it to happen. We'll just have to see.

The details: Due to the estrogen I was taking, I'm theoretically only on cd5 or there around. My lining was a mere 4.8 and they took b/w for LH, FSH and E2.


KatieM said...

Interesting....not sure I would have been able to figure out that approach on my own, but it makes sense and it sounds like he is on top of things!

Glad to see he is watching your more closely though, and I'm anxious to see your response from the delestrogen!

Duck said...

A lining of almost a 5 on cd 5 is very good, let's hope it grows nicely.

nancy said...

Duck, I wish I could look at it like that, but we have to remember I had a full week of estrogen supplements before this "cycle". Due to that, it's not comparitive at all.

Spicy Sister said...

No, not a moron. Just hopeful. I can't say how much that I am sorry you are on such an insane rollercoaster with this whole process. The ups, the downs, the unknowns....crazy making I am sure. Not to mention the hormones. Geez!

I am glad your Dr. is willing to try lots of different approaches and seems to be very motivated - that is a good sign!

shinejil said...

Wow! You just made my head spin. I hope the l. and delestrogen combo works!

You're such a trooper. Whenever I feel like a total wimp, I think of you and your determination. It inspires me to stop whining and get trucking.

waitinginline said...

I'm really glad that the doctor is watching you so closely. I hope the gets it all together for you!!!!!

And I don't think that Moron is ever a name that you would fit with.