Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've done it. I've joined

weight watchers.

My scale showed me 145.5 yesterday morning. No bueno. I'm 5'7" and I can feel my body bounce when I run. So I need to lose some weight. No more waiting. Just do it. Now.

I joined weight watchers online. I started entering in my points yesterday and can I say "holy shit?" My breakfast put me at 17 of my 20 allotted points. 6 points for lunch and a Starbucks and I was 8 points over. BEFORE dinner!

I was 8 points over and famished. So I decide to work out to swap some points back. I jogged 30 minutes (a pathetic 2.3 miles, but I've got to start again somewhere) and "earned" 4 points. So not I'm only over 4 points. I ate a 1 point dinner (3 egg whites) and that was that. I ended up with a total of 29 points, 4 swapped so only 5 points "over" at the end of it all. Not too bad for the first day.

Plus, in addition to my 20 daily points, I have 35 weekly points I can use as I please. I had to use 5 of those for yesterday's overage and still have 5 extra/day on average. Looks like it may take me awhile to get used to this.

I don't want to give up my Starbucks though. I should since I may be cycling right now - I'll know Friday. But a tall non fat no whip mocha is only 4 points (instead of the 5 for the grande). I'll be living with that today.

Today's weight: 145.5 BMI: 23


Spicy Sister said...

I really like WW. I have had a lot of luck with them in the past. I was losing weight before we started this cycle, but they told me to not try to lose any weight during the cycle so I stopped - at my appt today I found I had gained several pounds. It was disappointing but eh, what can I do? It is hard after being so deliberate for several months about working out and restricting my caloric intake to now have to not focus on it so much. I find myself still really drawn to new workout routines and low-cal ideas for meals etc...not that I am eating like a cow right now - but I am just not in restrictive mode - which feels weird. I am about 30lbs higher than where I would like to be ideally. I keep thinking about what that will mean when I am pregnant. Definitely wish I had gotten more of the weight off before starting this cycle.

chicklet said...

I really like weightwatchers and doing it in January helped kick me into better habits again. I'm not counting my points all the time now, but I'm more aware again of how much I'm putting in my mouth so it's helpful.

Oh, and yes, Home Depot has a spot reserved for me and my plant-loving ways:-)

Morgan said...

Hey Nancy, I think this is great even though i dont think you need to loose any weight according to any recent pics I've seen. But, it's always good to be more healthier, but honestly i think you look great considering you've had 2 kids.
I know there is the weight watchers you can pay for and they send you all your meals but im not sure if id like a meal someone mailed me in the mail lol! But how much is it for the online course, without the meals? Thanks!

KatieM said...

Ugh, I hate scales. I gained weight after my m/c and still haven't lost it. However, I guess given the circumstances I won't be doing that any time soon either.

GL with weight watchers though...I've heard great things about them. My mom is a walking points book, I swear, it's crazy.

HeidiM said...

I think I gained the weight you lost today -- two pounds in one day. Argh! That would be thanks to the chocolate-banana bread that I made and my husband didn't like. I thought it was delicious and the scale proves it!

Prozac makes me lose weight, although I'm not a proponent of taking drugs just for that side-effect. Also singles tennis works wonders.

Good luck with your goals! Seems to me spring is a far easier time to start a diet than January 1 because we can get outside to walk and run more.

Miss Tori said...

Hey Nancy,

Are you also using the sugar free syrup? I would think that would reduce the points, although I'm not at all familiar with how it works.


nancy said...

Tori - it's only 4 points. I don't think the sugar free would reduce it that much, so I'm just sticking with the old standby. (yum).

I'm waiting for my freaking RE to call me back to find out if I am in a mock cycle or not. Grrrr!

Jen said...

I would LOVE to be your weight. LOVE.

So now when you meet me you can think I'm a fat cow!

But good luck with it! And with cycling news!

Kaci said...

I haven't commented in a while - been on vacation and it took me some time to catch up. I am so sorry for the damn roller coaster you've been on. I hope the craziness ends soon and you're able to go ahead with the FET and it's successful. (((hugs))) for all the crappy days you've had.

I wish I could say my BMI was 23! I'm working on it...and trying to get hubby to join WW because they have a program at work where it's cheap! Being on a budget sucks ass! Anyway, not about me...about you - good luck with dropping the weight! I'm sure you'll get it off in no time!

nancy said...

First off - Jen - shut the hell up. I'm just where I don't want to be. I'm not a judger in weight issues. (okay, maybe shoe issues)

Duffy - that's exactly why I'm starting now. I'm not starving myself, but I tend to get really big during pregnancy and if I start off now 5.5 lbs up from my heaviest, I'll be that much bigger at delivery! (190 with the last ones, starting at 140)

Chicklet - you are my home depot hero.

Morgan - No, I am just re-learning portion control. That's all. No pre-delivered diet. I tried that before and SO not for me. Ick.

Katie - Nope, "given the circumstances", you won't be losing.

Heidi!!! Nice to see you up and about. I hope you are feeling MUCH MUCH MUCH better. I'm about to see my own surgeon for my next set of stuff to do. I'll have lots of questions!

Kaci - I thought you were waterlogged from so long at a waterpark. Wonderful to see you back!

Portraits in Sepia said...

good luck! WW has worked for lots of people. Try their garden vegetable soup when you get low on points. It's 0 points and satisfying.

Denise said...

Good for you for starting this now. Especially while going into a cycle. I definitely take comfort in certain foods (i.e. nightly bowl of ice cream) while cycling, which is probably counter productive.

Wordgirl said...

I have really thought about ww -- my neighbor loves it -- she does the points things too...and maybe it would stop me from eating an entire chocolate bunny out of sheer hockey stress.

Yes, a chocolate bunny.

From Easter.

Ouch, by the way, you guys totally spanked us.


Meg said...

You already know how much I love WW. Now I just need to follow it without cheating and it would work again!

You and I should totally chat about some tricks to feel more full....and about the Fourbucks.....that is what the 35 pts. is for, for your treats!Even if you had one everyday for 4pts, you would only use 28 of the 35...

Good luck Nancy! I swear if you follow it, it works.

Jewels said...

(sorry Im MIA)
Yea for Weight Watchers!
I'll be your Cheer Leader.
"Nancy - Nancy - She's so Great! Watch her get down to a size 8!

Okay, that was cheesy.

But I'm thinking about you all the time (and even though I am in my finals at school and cant chat, I read up on you so I'm not really gone. Just in-active)

BTW, 2.5 miles is GREAT, I can only do 1.5 and I've been running since Jan 1, 08, Good Job.

Nic said...

I know that *you* feel overweight, but you're actually at a perfect BMI for "fertility" right now. I know we had this conversation before - I'm not going to get on my soapbox, but just be careful, k? Have you asked your RE what he thinks about losing weight right now? I just don't want you to make the same mistake I did, thinking that losing weight when you're NOT overweight is healthy. Okay, maybe I did get on my soapbox a bit. Sorry!

waitinginline said...

I'm rooting for you!!