Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm really good at being non-pregnant.

Had my umpteenth blood draw today. (took 4 sticks to find blood today. Did I ever mention how the equation: bad stick + IVF + FET = very sad nancy?)

Anywho, that pesky hcg that was 5.4 friday and 1.4 tuesday was down to 1 this morning. Another hurdle I barely jumped over.

That's a good analogy, hurdling. I was in track in high school and I rocked the 200 and 400 meter. Put a freaking hurdle in front of me and I was the slowest on the team. How do you jump those things and let your back leg just trail behind you? I couldn't do it no matter how hard I tried. I'd need to clear both legs before I'd commit.

Back to my story - hcg is 1 and I've been given the "all clear" to do my FET in the aspect of hormone levels. Of course, still in a mock cycle (cd3 of a 14 day cycle) but at least when it's time, I won't have to worry about this one.

heh. "umpteenth" was in spell check.


Denise said...

No need to be an overachiever with this. Barely jumping over is good enough and I'm glad you're moving forward!

chicklet said...

Just catching up, but we may be cyclesistas after all! Yay! My stupid period's late and I'm sucking back synarel, watching the days float by slowly. Bah!

As for being good at being non-pregnant, does drinking wine count at being good at it? Cuz if so, I'm a rockstar!

ToriLou71 said...

Who did your blood draw? I don't know her name, but was it the short, oriental looking gal, with the jaw length dark straight hair? She did mine today, and I have never had a problem with giving blood for tests or donation. She pokes me, and I didn't watch, and I'm like la la la, and look down after about 20 seconds, and not a drop of blood in the vial. She couldn't get the angle right. She asked me if I was all right, and I said yeah, are you? After moving the needle around and around, she finally got the vein. I don't think they have a very good set up where they draw blood, it's too narrow, and you have to go in at a weird angle.

Cool beans on the 1.0 HCG!


nancy said...

Pam usually does it. But so does Tammy. They take in Quinn (the girl who did yours) at last ditch effort and she ALWAYS gets me!

Spicy Sister said...

Hey Nancy -

good news on the 1.0 - like Denise said, no need to be an overachiever're doing great!

On the track analogies....I used to run cross-country and I would always struggle the most once I could actually SEE the finish line. From that point it would feel like forever - and suddenly all my pain, exhaustion, and fatigue would kick in. I could have run 5 or 10 miles before, it didn't matter, that last stretch always felt so hard. Makes no sense at all of course - that's the homestretch - it should be easier. But somehow at that point was when I began to feel like I just would NEVER make it there. I find that this analogy applies a lot to me in real life as well - I wonder how it will play out this cycle?

And - I could never do the hurdles right either....but I was better at long distances so they didn't really push me to do hurdles much.

Moving forward Nancy! You are getting closer to the Mod Squad every day!

K said...

Great news on hcG. I hope the mock cycle will go as well so that you can move on to FET!

waitinginline said...

I'm glad that this one went in your favor! I hope that they're able to figure out what your perfect protocol is with the mock cycle!!!!!

Portraits in Sepia said...

This comment should really go on your post from April 9th but I thought I would leave it here instead. I find it fascinating that having one(?) child you want another one as badly as I want just one. I don't mean this in a bad way so keep reading before deleting! I think it says alot about our desires to be moms and have children. I had a friend who was pregnant with her second and worried that she wouldn't love it as much as her first because she her love for her child was so great she couldn't imagine it being any greater. And then a friend of hers told her that God doesn't shrink the love in your heart when you have more kids in order to create room, he expands the love you have and your ability to love. Your blog isn't the only one I've read of women who have children but who want more as desperately as I want one. And now I think I might be starting to understand why.

jenn said...

I'm so glad to see you moving forward! Barely still counts!
I was on the track team for shotput & discus- running was never my strong point & running with enough coordination to jump over hurdles was impossible for me.

Yet I seem to do okay with the real life hurdles- I may be slow, but I eventually get over them- which is better than I ever did on the track team! About that shotput though- I made it to the all state championships- guess I'm better at throwing things ;o)

Krista said...

I hope the FET goes as planned right on schedule and that it yields fabulous results!