Monday, April 28, 2008

I met with plastic surgeon.

My 18 month appointment for "the twins" was today.

He said they looked great and very natural. In fact, more natural than most saline implants. Then he flips open my chart and noted that I went with the smaller of the recommendations. He turns and gives me the thumbs up, saying rarely does he have women that actually go with the smaller side. He says that's why they look so good. And they do.

(I do wish they were bigger though. They are so perfectly formed. Perfect. And I know they'd look fake if they were bigger. But they ~are~ fake. So would I care?)

Anywho, while I was there, I asked about getting rid of a patch of veins on my cheek. I hate them and have only presented themselves over the past two years. Yes, I can get rid of them, but they'll take me 1-4 appointments at $300 each.

Then, I asked about lipo for my love handles. No matter how skinny I am, and I've been ~very~ skinny, I've still had the handles. He checked me out and squeezed some and said that although I had fair skin, I'd still be a candidate. (does he ever say someone wouldn't be one?) They gave me a quote of $3,500 but said I'd have a 10% discount for being a repeat customer.


I'll do one or the other. First I have to try to get pregnant. But if I'm not pregnant by August, I'm doing lipo in September. If I do get pregnant, I'm going to do the facial thing as soon as the baby is born.

A plan. Sweet.

Oh, for lipo, I need to be 5-10 lbs from my goal weight. Which will be easy since I'm only 12 lbs away. Doc said it's stupid to do lipo if overweight because it doesn't make you skinny - it just gets rid of bad positioned 'old fat'. He didn't actually say that, but that was the gist of it.


Miss Tori said...

Hey Nancy,

I don't think you've ever said if you and DH would use BC once you decide that you are no longer going to try to get pregnant after August.

Wouldn't it be ironic slash funny if you had the lipo then got k/u. All the work for nothing. Ouch. But I bet you wouldn't complain, would you?

Sorry for the sick twisted humor on a Tuesday morning.


nancy said...

Oh yes, after August, it's the big V for him and an IUD for me.

Jen said...

So I am totally fascinated by fake boobs. If I had known I would have stared at your chest, tried to cop a feel, etc... :)

I wish you a long wait until you get that lipo though!